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End Sars protests: People 'shot dead' in Lagos, Nigeria – BBC News

A number of people taking part in a protest against police brutality have reportedly been shot dead or wounded in Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos.

Witnesses said up to 12 people were killed and others wounded when soldiers opened fire. Amnesty International said it had “credible reports” of deaths.

The state governor said about 25 people had been wounded but denied there were any fatalities.

An indefinite 24-hour curfew has been imposed on Lagos and other regions.

Protests over a now-disbanded police unit – the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars) – have been taking place for two weeks, with demonstrators using the social media hashtag #EndSars to rally crowds.

As tensions continued to rise on Wednesday, police in different districts of Lagos fired shots in the air to disperse protesters defying the curfew, the BBC’s Nduka Orjinmo reports from the capital, Abuja.

Protesters who briefly gathered again at the Lekki toll gate – where Tuesday’s shootings took place – were forced out by police, he adds.

President Muhammadu Buhari has appealed for “understanding and calm”.

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  1. Avatar

    BBC news you people will pay for this

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    78 killed by buhari and sonwolu

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    Sanwo Olu is a blatant liar because there was proof of a security man from the toll gate taking out the CCTV cameras and the lights were off. Tinubu also announced a curfew 4hrs before the atrocities.
    So who is lying??

  4. Avatar

    African leaders, always refuting everything including that witnessed by everyone. And they talk with so much confidence as if they were there.

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    What do they what us to do anytime any western countries get involved it’s gets thrown back in our faces

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    Do Nigerian have president

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    Spontaneous OM Symbol On Crown Chakra

    Om Shanti………

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    Patience Ike Agbonkhese

    Sanctions Sanctions Sanctions buhari and his cabinets and their families…. Enough is enough!
    They brought the thugs into the sense to cause havoc on peaceful protesters…
    Buhari, we don't need your apology, you and your cabinets must resign, others let Nigeria scatter, every tribe go its way. Period

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    Killings are still on goings

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    77 people had died by now

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    Clement Osei Tano

    It baffles me why the happenings in Nigeria are not breaking news on all platforms! YouTube keeps recommending random videos based on my history but doesn't have any intelligence to let me know of the happenings in my neighbouring country! Isn't this like censorship in a mild way?

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    Calm and understanding when people are killed…the president hasn't revealed himself in public in ages…he is dead the soldiers are similar to boko haram

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    No buhari oo because he's died

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    Him and Tinibu on the run to France with private jet

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    Born-again in Righteousness

    Anyone who defies a curfew order is inviting trouble.

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    the funny thing is their children are sent to other countries to enjoy democracy whiles they suffocate other children. SMH

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    Please share https://www.change.org/p/international-criminal-court-petition-for-president-buhari-to-be-charged-before-the-icc-for-crimes-against-humanity

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    I hope they killed all the millitary and the police Sad to hear that they killed the prostester

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    BLM protesters havn't got the Minerals or balls to board flights to Nigeria though and Soros only pays national travel costs lol

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    78 peoples die yesterday night. Please will need everyone help in Nigeria please please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

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    I'm sure somewhere along the line i will get the blame.

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    I will take amnesty's word for it. I bet it is a lot worse than the "official" fake news account.

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    God will judge the Lagos governor and all the wicked leaders. God will judge the British government for their wicked to Nigeria and Africa.

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    As we speak, Gunshot has been heard in Igando area.

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    God will punish Nigeria leaders!!

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    So now we got your attention abi, you Fulani British hypocrites

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    They can be very brutal, especially with Covid non-conformers.

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