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End SARS: Celebrities come out after Nigerian Army forces 'open fire on protesters'

Nigerian forces have reportedly opened fire on protesters in Lagos after 12 days of demonstrations against police brutality.

Witnesses said smoke has been rising from the direction of a toll gate on Wednesday where the shootings allegedly took place.

Two people are believed to have been shot after more than 20 officers started firing at demonstrators in the city’s Lekki district on Tuesday, witnesses told Reuters.

Video shown on Nigeria’s Channels Television appeared to capture audio of live rounds being fired at the scene.

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  1. Avatar

    government that kills it's own are not fit for purpose

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar

    Looks just like typical Italy

  4. Avatar

    Wtf happened for them to protest and shootings

  5. Avatar

    The Amalgamation Of The Northern and Southern Protectorate pf nigeria Was a Big Mistake🇳🇬

    Britain is the cause of Nigeria's problem

  6. Avatar

    is that my daddy?

  7. Avatar

    So far over 70 peaceful protesters ahot dead.

  8. Avatar

    Gutless twats with guns against people without guns

  9. Avatar

    its amazing how all of humanity think its a good idea to destory everything they created just to get their point across or to make changes by force of violence

  10. Avatar

    It will pass in time.

  11. Avatar

    Time for the people to bare arms too.💪

  12. Avatar

    Lagos is not the whole of Nigeria guys; be careful of social media…

  13. Avatar

    Looks like any other day in America bustling cities

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  15. Avatar

    Where is BLM now? cricket cricket

  16. Avatar

    Welcome to Africa . Do black lives really matter?

  17. Avatar

    What does this accomplish? All those protesters look like criminals anyways.

  18. Avatar

    Basically it is corruption and real inequality that has caused people to riot even though they know they could be shot!

  19. Avatar

    Nigeria is the USA, tomorrow…

  20. Avatar

    Ah celebrities the most useless of all people…after royalty

  21. Avatar

    Celebrities? All I saw was one football player. Black lives matter my arse.

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    🙏🙏Oh my God!!😱😱U.S.A
    😱😱😱Family Biden!!??

  23. Avatar
    Truth Undenied 2020 Vision


  24. Avatar

    Nigeria is the oil richest country in Africa. The government should find a solution on corruptions and provide jobs for Nigerians.

  25. Avatar

    World war 3 is coming close and after century there will be
    Unification War
    against neo fascist
    Neo communist
    then We had the
    United Nation Space Command.
    the future generation will see our petty idologies nothing more than pathetic primitive jerk

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    2020 is a crazy year 🤭🤭🤭

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    Wonder if these so called soldiers have family

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    I hope the prince is ok,I am still waiting for my money transfer.

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    Time for a new Government I say.

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