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End SARS: Burna Boy on 'most important moment' for Nigeria

The Nigerian music star says that, if nothing changes after the police brutality protests in recent months “then it [the nation] is over”.

Amnesty International said it has evidence of multiple fatalities after armed men used live rounds at a protest against police brutality at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos.

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  1. Avatar

    My brother ❤️🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  2. Avatar

    I was friends with a Nigerian consultant doctor in the UK, he went home with his wife to see his mother, and whilst driving to her village from Lagos was pulled over by armed police. They threatened to kill them, they thought they would do this, but they just stole everything from them; wallets handbags, passports and all their possessions.

  3. Avatar

    We are back to level zero imagine the so called president saying the young people took is disbanding Sars as a sign of weakness hen no empathy nothing ….

  4. Avatar

    The whole presidential address to the nation is nothing but a threat and what the so called government have achieved

  5. Avatar

    I got stopped under a Bridge in Lagos by police officers on a visit. Why? They said the driver was cross eyed and nearly hit them. This resulted in me having to pay a bribe in order to get on with my journey.

  6. Avatar
    Quest?on Everything

    Nothing going to change as long as there are corrupt people in power

  7. Avatar

    We all saw what happened at lekki toll gate live and for the president to now addressed the nation without mentioning it hmmm makes me sick I mean majority of us were unable to sleep worried to our stomach

  8. Avatar
    farayiola olumide

    The government needs to go and new bloods needs to be injected into the government. Old politicians who have been ruling for decades need to go and let new people with idea and also how to reshape the country come in. The police needs a serious shake up. 70% of the Nigerian police are not educated but only see the job as a means of survival and making money. When there is corruption at the top of governmental pyramid, all arms of the government will be affected by the corruption virus.

  9. Avatar

    The most relatable song of 2020
    Plz watch


  10. Avatar

    Again Nigeria is in my prayers

  11. Avatar

    i was wondering if he was going to say something about this. go burna!

  12. Avatar

    Policr and The Justice System are the biggest Gang worldwide!

  13. Avatar

    Its all lies. The gunfire is blanks.

  14. Avatar

    Liberation generation

  15. Avatar

    This guy accent is always changing.

  16. Avatar

    “This Is The Most Important Moment In Nigeria’s History” Faccccts! #TogetherWeCan 💪🏾

  17. Avatar

    Wretched evil world leaders had better repent and turn to GOD ALMIGHTY and HELP the people or severe increase of social and natural disasters globally. !!!

  18. Avatar

    Psalm 105:15 warning.!

  19. Avatar

    End Nigeria 🇳🇬 now to save life now nothing is working!! ✊✊✊✊✊✊

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