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Empty tombs add twist to Vatican missing girl mystery

Two tombs were reopened in Rome after a family of a 15-year-old who has been missing since 1983 petitioned the family. They didn’t find anything inside.…

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  1. Avatar

    Oh Boy , nice way to tip them off to open those chambers

  2. Avatar

    Wonder what that large underground room was for? 😕 or why both tombs were empty… I have a feeling the Vatican isn't going to provide any possible explaination.

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    Stay tuned for more child grooming scandals by,
    "The Patron Saint Of Child Abuse"

    >>>POPE FRANCIS<<<

  4. Avatar

    Why is the reporter smiling ear to ear reporting throughout?

  5. Avatar

    White hats in thumbnail, at this point only garners distrust.

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    Nothing personal against the newscaster, but it would really be nice if EuroNews was actually presented by a Native European. I’m sure he’s a great newscaster, but it’s obviously an intentional assault on Native Europeans to put him in front of the camera like a good little black pet of liberals. If you disagree, there must be clear proof that he is the absolute best newscaster and there was no Native European in all of Europe that could have done as good of a job as the African. It’s racism against Native Europeans and discrimination against Native Europeans. You intentionally discriminate against Native Europeans who have a birth right claim to Europe that their forefathers created for them, which makes you are a racist organization, EuroNews. EuroNews is a racist organization that is engaged in genocide and discriminated against Native Europeans

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