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Eleven cars skid into mass pile-up in Citroën DS3 Cup race

Drivers competing in the Citroën DS3 cup were caught off guard by a sudden downpour midway through their race. Eleven out of 16 competitors ended up in a mass pile-up after sliding off the track at the same corner. Ten drivers emerged from the crash without injury, while one was taken to hospital for further checks.
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  1. Avatar

    Check pado.truck on instagram for pictures on the cars

  2. Avatar

    Just a lille bit slick out there on that corner…
    Use your signals!
    Be safe. Lol.

  3. Avatar

    When slicks meet rain!

  4. Avatar

    Well I never

  5. Avatar

    Sun and slicks in to rain and slicks in 20 sec. will make havoc in any race… some was sliding 200 meters

  6. Avatar

    Mum: “if your friends all drove into a wall, would you?”
    Me and da boys: “yes”

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