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Elephant seal stranded returned to sea with help from residents in Chile

It’s not often you see an elephant seal shuffling down a neighbourhood street, but residents of the Chilean town of Puerto Cisne saw just that this week. 
A group of neighbours managed to herd the confused animal back to the ocean using large black tarps

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  1. Avatar

    That gets my seal of approval

  2. Avatar

    A better surprise visit than Pinochet.

  3. Avatar

    0:12 Puerto Cisne needs more streetsigns.🛑

  4. Avatar

    Pretty cool. If that was in America in the south some hill billy would have just shot it then take a photo and bragged about it.

  5. Avatar

    Surprisingly lovely

  6. Avatar
    Stuart kennington

    Well done community 😍

  7. Avatar

    Boris Johnson in the mating season.

  8. Avatar
    JuanJulio Jamirez

    Very irresponsible to ignore social distancing and face covering. That seal is haven for bacteria and mamalian viruses. May have escaped from a Chinese seafood market, it's possible. I hope these offenders will be arrested

  9. Avatar

    Glad they were able to seal him in.

  10. Avatar

    Brits will be banding together to return immigrants back into the English Channel.

  11. Avatar

    Looks like my wife trying to find the fridge.

  12. Avatar

    People on the far side can’t predict a corner turning. Then get too close and nearly send it crashing into the people on the wide side of the turn who are desperately trying to keep up

  13. Avatar

    Knowing 2020, a shark killed it as soon as it submerged.

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar
    Christian Martínez


  16. Avatar

    Andre sure let himself go after all these years

  17. Avatar

    Looks like Jabba the Hut going for a little walk.

  18. Avatar

    Poor thing, happy for a happy ending.

  19. Avatar

    Greta after she is no longer relevant 🙂

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