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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Official Trailer | Netflix

Picking up moments after the series finale of Breaking Bad ends, Aaron Paul is back as Jesse Pinkman in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, directed by Vince Gilligan, on Netflix October 11.

For limited theatrical event, visit www.elcamino-movie.com for showtimes

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  1. Avatar

    This story should never end period.

  2. Avatar

    Best show ever. Change my mind

  3. Avatar

    Ok ok, so who do you think said, “You ready?”

  4. Avatar

    I’ve started watching the entire BB series 1-5 again in preparation for this! Can’t wait to watch it bitch

  5. Avatar

    Joder joder joder sólo espero que sea la 10ª parte de bueno cómo le fue la serie!!!!😢😢😇

  6. Avatar

    This is going to beam my guts into space.

  7. Avatar

    This trailer alone is making me want to cry

  8. Avatar

    I feel like Cersei from Game of Thrones….shame!…shame!… because I’ve never seen the breaking bad series I think I should watch it before seeing this movie!

  9. Avatar

    People do not realize how badly they are being perverted with this type of movie, highly prevalent from PedoWood and the trash peddlers at Netflix. You are manipulated into rooting for a heroin dealer, someone who murders his customers slowly for profit. "But but but he's cool and he has a tender side he's a victim of circumstances don't you get it". No, he's a POS drug dealer and you are rooting for him.

  10. Avatar

    I know Jesse Pinkman is a fantasy character, but he’s got with scars tbh

  11. Avatar

    I guess his crappy movies didn't pan out after this show

  12. Avatar

    Gostaria de saber como ficou a família do Sr White depois de sua morte

  13. Avatar

    Jesse is going after Walt's family a reckoning I'd say

  14. Avatar

    Just to make sure everyone notes, walt is dead already, in the first teaser, there was a body count at the shootout at the season finale, 8 of Jack's people dead, and the 9th being walt, he is confirmed dead and the person saying"are you ready" is a hallucination of walt

  15. Avatar

    He's digging for the money! Jack and his gang must have reburied it! Jack's last words were "You pull that trigger you're never gonna find!"

  16. Avatar

    Whoever has disliked this needs their hard drives checked.

  17. Avatar

    There is such a thing as overdoing it. Breaking Bad was possibly the best T.V. show ever made. Let it die a dignified death.

  18. Avatar

    Im so f excited for this

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