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Egyptian Mummies Discovered After Being Buried For More Than 2,600 Years | NBC News

Egypt’s tourism ministry unveiled 59 sarcophagi that were discovered 36 feet below the ground in a previously unknown well. The country’s tourism minister said he anticipated more discoveries. Egypt is trying to revive its tourism sector, which was devastated by instability in the country following the Arab Spring in 2011.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Egyptian Mummies Discovered After Being Buried For More Than 2,600 Years | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    95 percent of the tombs were stolen and looted in 2010-13 Arab spring. That’s when Obama and DARPA started coming after me. Most of these might be fakes but once I get my DNA 🧬 with current and past state department ladies we can claim what is ours. ❤️💪🏾😎🇺🇸❤️🌻✨❤️ In the meantime they are trying thee best to clone me with losers and inject other people’s stems in 3 covert hospitalization. Delayed Justice is no justice at all🇺🇸

  2. Avatar

    Wow viruses sealed for thousands of years and they're all standing around sucking it in

  3. Avatar

    There's something quite absurd about a nation's economy is based on desecrating their ancestors Graves

  4. Avatar

    Why u want to open those peaceful dead bodies…what u want from them? is it inuff that single mummy is inuff to explain n study purpose..?u r awaking deadly old infections to the new world…n disturbing dead bodies will curse u bcz they don't want to touch ..n won't like light

  5. Avatar

    I wholeheartedly support archeological studies in Egypt… Except for this. Stop opening sarcophagi!!!!!

  6. Avatar

    Let them Rest In Peace

  7. Avatar

    They just made the judgement of 2020 much bigger what awaits, you don't want to know me either
    God Forgive them

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    Brother Zachary Jongejan

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  9. Avatar

    If I was buried and they dug me up… Why do you need to do this, mate? Why don't you just let them rest in peace?

  10. Avatar

    Oh wow so interesting is this history of Egyptian Mummies buried for 2600 years there caskets are beautiful

  11. Avatar

    Take care of yourself Lester Holt from the corona virus the risk to the American people and the world

  12. Avatar
    Miss Christina Nicole

    The circophagi are beautiful pieces of art

  13. Avatar

    There's a big danger these mummies can come back to life or there could be a big curse like with king tut.

  14. Avatar

    ladies and gents this is how an ancient curse has been released. hold onto your butts

  15. Avatar

    Well when they get swarmed by locusts we’ll know why lol

  16. Avatar

    This is exactly why I'd rather be cremated. This is the highest disrespect to ancestors. Discovered? Really? I hate this freaking world.

  17. Avatar

    The dead don't care, people.

  18. Avatar

    Diz is dust da apytizer😂 my Egyptian brother

  19. Avatar

    2020 : umm but mummies are for December

  20. Avatar

    Here comes the disease and pestilence….oh, wait!

  21. Avatar

    Is this an old news?

  22. Avatar
    Angkor wat tour desk


  23. Avatar

    "Return the mommies or suffer our curse"

    "By the end of this year, you'll visited by 3 plagues. Each one worse than the last"

    1) Vaccine-resistant COVID-19
    2) K-Pop becomes more and more popular, disgusting and hideous
    3) Worse hurricanes, wildfires, storms and droughts

  24. Avatar

    That's my ancestors. Desecrating a grave.

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