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Eddie Van Halen, rock guitar legend, dies of cancer at 65 | USA TODAY

Music legend Eddie Van Halen remembered as one of the greatest ever. He was 65.

Eddie was something of a musical contradiction. He was an autodidact who could play almost any instrument, but he couldn’t read music. He was a classically trained pianist who also created some of the most distinctive guitar riffs in rock history.

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  1. Avatar
    J VIPWTPNN EdensCrystalStreams

    Sad Loss RIP EDDIE

  2. Avatar

    Sometimes God enters the workshop, where the angels produce humans, and He takes the tools from one of the new angels and He says, "Stand aside son. Let me show you how it's done!"

  3. Avatar

    He formed Van Halen in 72? I was born in 72. I never knew they were that old. I thought Van Halen was an 80's band.

  4. Avatar

    Sad sad day !! The best of the best

  5. Avatar

    Here's hoping he's walking with Jesus, and not…
    Running with the Devil.

  6. Avatar

    Today we lost Eddie Van Halen and stimulus.

  7. Avatar

    Lots of tears after learning that Eddie Van Halen has passed away. I was a huge fan and followed him for years my Number one band!! My prayers goes too his son and Valerie his former wife who was married too him for years R.I.P Eddie I will never forget you !!

  8. Avatar

    R.I.P. EDDIE. Your music brought me so much joy throughout my life!!!

  9. Avatar
    ícҽís թհօҽղíx


    I remember in high school in 85 I made a little sculpture of him and painted it …it was so cool it really looked like him hair and red 🎸 guitar. I think I have a old photo of me all glammed up and the sculpture is visible in the background. My favorite VH song is DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY 🎶


  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    Are we sure it wasn't covid-19

  12. Avatar

    Damn. Eddie was a huge part of my childhood. At the very least, he's no longer suffering. Rest easily, love.😞

  13. Avatar

    1st Kobe now Eddie……🖕2020

  14. Avatar
    Thomas Lightningbolt

    One of the reasons I play guitar is Eddie. A friend nicknamed me Eddie. Sorry to see you go Eddie! R.I.P. Shred the dead bro!

  15. Avatar

    The worst thing about Eddie Van Halen (and he had nothing to do with it) is he elevated rock star fan worship to such a degree that it usurped the music. After VH people would judge a rock band solely on the guitarist as if that was ALL that mattered about a rock and roll band. Neil Peart of Roosh (again, not his doing) had the same affect as if the rest of the band was inconsequential. I loved the guy but I hated the way male fans would all but kiss his boots. I hate that side of rock and roll. It's embarrassing to watch grown men worship false idols.

  16. Avatar

    RIP bro – sadly the kids and so called musicians today won't even recognize this man. He was a legend! Unlike the crap music and musicians today

  17. Avatar

    RIP Eddie..!! Thank you for the fun times down at Cabo Wabo with Sammy !!! Great memories for the rest of my life..!!

  18. Avatar
    XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII

    God Bless you EVH for motivating a little scrawny 13 year old punk to play eruption and ain't talking about love and atomic punk.
    The music world is lesser now. RIP.

  19. Avatar

    May thee rest in rock and roll peace 🙏😇🤘

  20. Avatar

    Ah well…he's playing with his two faves now…. Elvis and Stevie ray.
    Don't smoke kids.

  21. Avatar

    To be honest, sometimes when a rock star passes, the accolades adorned them are much higher than when the musician was actually alive. You may hear that so and so was an incredible talent whose musicianship was unmatched in their field. That is the courteous thing to do right after a persons death and is never criticized. Well that is not the case here. Eddie Van Halen was an absolute legend. He was a legend while alive and will be a legend in death. I am of the age group when MTV played music and guitar gods ruled the world. And everybody knew that Eddie was ZEUS. I am 49 years old now and a flood of memories are coming back. Summer of 84 with my arm around my first girlfriend walking down the streets of Pittsburgh as it seemed every car driving by had a track from the 1984 album blaring. Or going swimming at the local pool and hearing Van Halen blasting from the boombox under the lifeguards chair. Van Halen's music was everywhere. Eddies passing gives proof to the realization that those days are truly a long time ago.

  22. Avatar
    Cougars & Tigers

    I remember music. It's been dead for years. RIP EVH

  23. Avatar
    Death Cheaters Guild

    Rock ‘n’ Roll is truly dead! Put on your Van Halen music 🎸🥁 🎶 and turn it up freaking LOUD 🔊!!! 🤟🏻

  24. Avatar

    God be like “let’s get the band back together “

  25. Avatar

    God be like “you know I taught you that Eddie “

  26. Avatar

    I cried 🙁 very sad to hear that he passed away. Also didn't the drummer from the band Rush die this year?

  27. Avatar

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  28. Avatar

    The illuminati should have cloned him!

  29. Avatar
    Liberty AboveAllElse

    RIP Eddie. You were a game changer.

  30. Avatar

    No no no, not the Van Man!
    Damn Damn Damn

  31. Avatar
    Guitar 6 string Guitar Bass 4 string guitar

    R.I.P Eddie Van Halen 1955-2020
    One of the Best guitarists Ever

  32. Avatar

    He is not considered the best guitarist of all time, he is the greatest guitarist of all time. There are shredders everywhere, but none can keep the feel that Ed did.

  33. Avatar

    R.I.P. Rock and Roll Heaven acquires genius and a giant

  34. Avatar

    If 2020 couldn't get any worse

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