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Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care [Official Video]

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  1. Avatar

    Way to do a 1 year anniversary tribute to John Mayer's "New Light" music video!!!

  2. Avatar

    Worst fucking music video ever. geez man ffs, lyrics also shit.

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    Me ajudem a crescer no meu canal pessoal ? Pfvr tenho a língua meio pressa ainda então não liguem rsrsrsrs

    Vídeo novo

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  4. Avatar

    Omg ed Sheeran in the cowboy outfit is daddy 🙈

  5. Avatar

    They should’ve made Justin Bieber a Beaver , lol get it ??

  6. Avatar

    Ed Sheeran- We made the song but what about the official music video
    Felix (PewDiePie)- I have an idea*diabolical smirk*

  7. Avatar

    2 biggest names in America.. Actually.. In the world singing bout how they nobody😩😩

  8. Avatar

    Ok poor editing but a hell good song

  9. Avatar

    this is clever. an excuse for intentional bad and lazy editing!

  10. Avatar

    What is this😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Avatar

    У Джастина были проблемы, надеюсь сейчас все хорошо) Клип отменный💕

  12. Avatar

    Whats wrong with the video editor it sucks bruh

  13. Avatar

    What the heck am I watching😂😂😂😂

  14. Avatar

    I’m suprised both of them agreed to this😂

  15. Avatar

    Production: can we use pics art I edit all this

    Ed: I don’t care.

  16. Avatar

    Okay justin is freaking handsome here

  17. Avatar

    Genre: Dancehall
    Origin: Jamaica

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    No amigo alto sida : no frend big sida

  20. Avatar

    Producer: how much green screen ?
    Ed: yes

  21. Avatar

    this is why you should legalize abortion, I speak of you Justin Beiber

  22. Avatar

    I like the simple official videos.. Good

  23. Avatar

    I love justin's voice at the end omg 😭❤

  24. Avatar

    After long time seeing Justin it's make me emotional and I'm getting more emotional to seeing Justin the way he used to be…love u no matter how much you changed…. you'll be always that Justin I fell in love with…love till the end…

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