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Economy And Health Care: Fact Checking The Vice Presidential Debate | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Jane Timm fact checks claims made during the vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence.
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Economy And Health Care: Fact Checking The Vice Presidential Debate | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    Donald Judas trump is the very definition of the word Treason

  2. Avatar

    Speaking of health, Governor CUOMO signed and executive order saying NYC will be LOCKED DOWN until NOVEMBER 3 ELECTION DAY, when the CHINA VIRUS WILL END,so how does CUOMO know the virus will be GONE FOR GOOD is he that smart or was it Always about the NOVEMBER ELECTION and using and WEAPONIZING the virus as and EXCUSE for THE VOTE BY MAIL SCAM to try and OVERTHROW our president,YES That's all this is about. ITS GOING TO FAIL

  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar

    Where are your references? You dont know what the Trump health care plan entails.

  5. Avatar

    How do you bring manufacturing and jobs back if Biden wants to raise corporate tax?? That’s why the companies left to begin with! I witnessed big pharmaceuticals leave because of that same reason.
    Thousands of jobs lost. Not to mention, all the union members that relied on the industrial work. Biden’s way has been proven to not work. The only one profiting on this is Biden’s family. Just like Kamala said at the debate. You must be loyal to China!! Because the tariffs are the reason why we lost all the jobs. I guess she’s ok when China held back the PPE we needed? I’m sure she was ok when China stole our Covid-19 research!
    Kamala and Biden is our countries major security risk!

  6. Avatar

    Fly by night PENCE was there to try and defend Donald Judas trump's lies and corruption as IVE said you can't defeat the TRUTH with lies Donald Judas trump's lies SHELL CONSUME him his very lies are coming home to roost TRUTH

  7. Avatar

    Trump and Stephen Miller is finding ways to deport every Haitian refugee and green card holder they can!
    ***Just Found a way to deport "300, 000 legal immigrants" ****
    ***read Vice News Sep 14 2020" "Court Rules Trump Can Deport "300, 000 Migrants who Lived in the U S legally for Years"****
    **This states that the parents who have lived here legally can be deported and orphan their children****
    **If They overturn DACA he will deport them too****
    ***Trump has confirmed 250 Lifetime Judges, not 1 Haitian Judge, Not 1 Latino Judge and only 1 black judge out of 250 Judges***
    ***Trump & Republicans are suppressing your votes, yet some of you want to vote for them****Please Check Stephen Miller, Bill Barr and Donald Trump record on Race and Immigration*****Joe Biden is pledging $15 an hour National Minimum wage for 53 Million Americans that do not make $19,000 a year****
    ***Joe Biden and his wife and teacher for 36 years will make 2 year college and Trade School free, and State College Free by making the Rich pay their fair share in taxes***Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Dr Jill Biden want everyone in America to live the American dream and Give average Americans a Break****They don't need or want Money they want to be the President who built the Middle class by strengthening Unions and providing universal Childcare or Eldercare real money for childcare or Eldercare****
    ******Joe Biden is protecting the ACA of 2010 and expanding Medicaid And Medicare****
    ****Now go to Wikipedia Read Endorsements for Joe Biden who has 25 Times the endorsements by unions than Trump****
    ***Joe Biden is endorsed by AFL/CIO*****
    ****But This is What Joe Biden offers all Americans, close your eyes every 2 person household that works 40 hours a week will make $60,000 a year will get a minimum of $8,000 for free Pre K for every 3 to 4 year old & Childcare or Eldercare real money, because it works like Section 8***
    ****Student loans reduced by $10,000 to start***
    ***The Rich Trump Autocrats are creating a Dictatorship****You reelect Trump, Stephen Miller the most prejudice immigration Trump Advisor, Billionaire Betsy Devos who has been making money off student loan debt" read ***Forbes Aug 30 2018" Betsy Devos, Queen of Debt"***or watch and have some fun, "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah May 16 2018" "Fraudulent For Profit Schools are Making A Comeback under Betsy Devos" "1, 836, 011 Views"*****
    ****Watch MSNBC Sep 5 2019" "Trump Sides With Pay Day Lenders Preying on The Poor in Red States"******
    ****Read how 60 Major Officials Trump Pushed out so he could put Loyalists in Their Place****
    ***Boston25News Sep 10 2019" Who Has Left The Trump Administration"********Plus 6 inspector generals that were fired****
    ****Now For all of you who think you know the Narcissist Trump***Watch Politics and Prose Sep 8 2016" "The Making of Donald Trump"****
    ****Read Trump Racial Discrimination Wikipedia Page*****
    ****Red Voters and Blue Voters Vote For Democrats and Joe Biden & Teacher Jill Biden And Kamala Harris for your everyday lives to get 25% Better, not the 2% Crumbs a years,!

  8. Avatar

    See Donald Judas trump has SHOWN the entire world that there's those on American soil who would rather believe a lie than to believe the TRUTH instead of the Christians converting the Christians Donald Judas trump converted them into a cult

  9. Avatar

    You never fact check anything else.

  10. Avatar
    David Cohen Cohen

    Here Another Fact Check
    Yes Harris get Biden voted ! We China want to take over USA! 🇨🇳 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
    Obama was great 8 years for China economy grew up so fast that everyone recognize China will be the leader in the world!! All your money will come to us from Amazon, Walmart, Groceries
    we will take most of your manufacturing over to China !
    And every dollar you guys earn will be spend on Chinese made product sell in America !

  11. Avatar

    Vice President was on point and I don’t trust anything the mainstream media says. If The media was correct than Kamala would have looked better, but she looked a lot like a liar to me. Terrible news clip, thanks for nothing.

  12. Avatar
    David Cohen Cohen

    NBC how do you hire these dumb reporters

  13. Avatar

    Truth America" I Have Spent 22 months, 6 hours a day because I realized on August 29 2018 Trump wanted to create a Dictatorship in America. I Knew only Media and Articles chronicled day by day, month by month for my fellow Americans to verify for themselves in seconds would expose him!****Trump has been scamming more than 50 years, his atrocities will be have layers, he won't get rid of departments like The Consumer financial Protection Bureau he would just gut it by 90% to make it ineffective****When Billionaire Betsy Devos was Told in 2018 to forgive $150,000,000 in fraudulent Student Loans, she found ways to change Education department Policies to not forgive Money to these students un a timely fashion" Read Forbes Aug 30 2018" "Betsy Devos, queen of debt"*****In What World is congressman Ratcliffe with zero intelligence experience to be the head of Intelligence The DNI in Charge of 17 intelligence Agencies, what an insult to the men and women of these agencies, Pushed out Deputy DNI Susan M Gordon and Fired Commander Joseph M Mcguire with 50 years of intelligence experience****
    The 6 Jobs of Jared Kushner, with so many conflicts of interest Trump had to override to give him security Clearance" ****
    ****Read NYT Oct 28 2018" "Trump's Corruption: The Definitive List" The 580 Shell Companies, The 85 Chinese Trademarks, The $500 Million Dollar Loan From The Chinese Government Bank For Trump Indonesia Project****Tough on China, Get serious it's posturing****

  14. Avatar

    *****If you read immediately verifiable information by you below you will be the smartest person politically in the neighborhood, at work

  15. Avatar

    Undecided voters must not know the real issues of this election. It's democracy vs. Dictatorship.

  16. Avatar
    John Goodman jr. gold fever

    Your wrong I got tax breaks I didn’t make but 65, thousand a year

  17. Avatar
    pak sofin sinaga

    Let us care about nurse of covid-19,    please share this song..: 

  18. Avatar

    Trump called the place a shithole and has done NOTHING to help Haiti. I do not understand what message your sending to democrats, but perhaps literally sending a message to Kamala and Joe about your concern would be more appropriate.

  19. Avatar

    undecided browns, is that the definition of self hate?

  20. Avatar

    It requires money to make money. this is the best secret I have ever discovered we don't make money, we EARn and MULTIPLY money

  21. Avatar

    Trump has been an abject failure.

  22. Avatar

    Fixed income is not a problem, the important thing is that you can pay Fixed Expenses. Now many people are more afraid of losing their income than losing their pride. If the need increases, it is not the expenses that should be saved, but the income that should be increased, right? Who can control his desires, he can control his expenses. Sometimes, looking at an Account Balance takes courage. Invest, as long as Date Young. Have as much investment as possible. Maximum total good debt installments are 30-40% of income. An increase in price causes the money we hold to continue to shrink in value. The solution? Have an income whose increase each year is greater than the increase in price. There is no one-size-fits-all investment. Don't call your friend just to offer you business. Establish good relationships first so you can feel comfortable. After a while then you can ask him to do business. Never even judge a gift by its price, but judge it from its resale price. Invest in an investment product that you understand. Don't join in just because it's a trend. Drugs not only damage your body, they cost you money.🤔😒

  23. Avatar

    Where is the video on harris lies ??

  24. Avatar



  25. Avatar

    Mike Pence's new nickname, "Lord of the Flies!

  26. Avatar

    What drives Trump's Base to vote against their best financial interests? Republicans know the answer, but Democrats don't have a clue.

  27. Avatar

    How can you be undecided 26 days before the election? Why don't you just admit you don't intend to vote! Otherwise you like being lied to on a daily basis, and watching the democracy disintegrate before your very eyes! Three knuckleheads without a clue!

  28. Avatar

    0:47 I stopped my job with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  29. Avatar

    How about when she said Lincoln didn’t appoint a judge. Is that true? Fact check please.

  30. Avatar

    Trumps is going into pharmaceutical industry as his bread and butter his adverts say it to me who knows really its hard to really know

  31. Avatar

    Anytime these fact checkers say “it’s true but or yes but” their bias appears in full display

  32. Avatar

    Those “undecided voters” look like Antifa operatives

  33. Avatar

    Are you tired of being under the mercy of the rich and wishes to become boss of your own but yet not financially capable of doing so or you don't have the right connection to achieve your desired career in the elite world. Become a member of the Great Illuminati Brotherhood today and become financially independent from any government policies and unfavorable laws made by the rich which deprives the poor of becoming rich as them or Are you seeking for protection against the harsh claws of the government oppression. Brandon Jones is my name, a member of the great illuminati Brotherhood with membership ID: IGF/666526, from United States of America, California to be precise, I am here to tell the world that the Illuminati Brotherhood is real and true. Contact the illuminati Brotherhood in United States of America: For Calls/Texts: +1(202)524-8550; For Whatsapp: +1 (415)569-8227, Email: illuminatikingdomannex@gmail.com. It is free of charge to join.

  34. Avatar

    200,000 dead and counting on Pence. What a dim sycophant. You can have your own truth, Pence, but not your own facts.

  35. Avatar

    Those 3 idiots must not have watched the same debate as I did. In what world did Harris look more presidential lol

  36. Avatar

    Undecided voters? Those people are silly and have no true knowledge about what is happening in the USA.

  37. Avatar

    Any undecided voter at this point is far more privileged than they would like to think, and they possess far less empathy that they would like to believe. Also, they are stupid.

  38. Avatar

    I'm amazed. 3 young people living in the most digitally connected age in human history, and they knew NOTHING about the candidates or their positions? Just spend some time, do some cross-referential research, and they can find out.

  39. Avatar

    Please vote him away now!

  40. Avatar

    Important word here: AVERAGE!

  41. Avatar

    Watching Pence talk is like watching en old Clutch Cargo cartoon

  42. Avatar

    My aunts were missionaries to Haiti in the 1950s. We were raised in a conservative Republican household, but the Republicans of then are not the same as they are today. Donald Trump defines Puerto Ricans and Haitians as the NYC gang members that he saw in the movie "Grease". That's why it was so difficult to get him to send helicopters in with necessary supplies after the Hurricanes hit. Biden responds to people. Trump responds to cash. Medical projections are that America will reach more than 400,000 unnecessary deaths before the January, 2021 inauguration. Even if we do get a Democratic sweep in the next election, we will need everyone to help turn around this disaster. Only politicians were calling it the "Great Recession". It has been a depression, plain and simple. We had a good solid start to getting out of that depression, but Trump's policies of mindless devastation have turned that around. If you sold lemonade in front of your home part-time, Trump would probably add that to his monthly "jobs report". Only the people actually trying to pay their bills know that these are not "living wage jobs". This time vote for America. Vote Blue. And stay safe.

  43. Avatar

    it amazes me what kinda a special breed of idiots these undecided voters are. Idiots!!!ah Americahhhhhhhh

  44. Avatar

    Me and Mine will fight for Donald J Trump and the United States of America in the coming Civil War and I Pledge My Allegiance and Loyalty till death…

  45. Avatar

    Vote and Pray 🙏 #Trump2020 and keep this Country safe from the left who want the NEW GREEN DEAL which will destroy this Country's economy and your job! #MAGA2020 #KAGA2020..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  46. Avatar

    I didn’t get any tax cut under Trump! I paid more with less refund!

  47. Avatar

    Without health, economy means nothing!

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