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Early votes in Texas exceed state’s total votes in 2016

Democrats see an opportunity as the traditionally red state could be a toss-up.

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    There were not 3000 people at the Fort Worth rally. The actual number was less than 300.

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    Never in wildest dreams thought I'd be cheering on Texas.

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    Lived in Texas for 4 years. It is MUCH bluer than people think. They do a lot of gerrymandering there which makes it look redder than it really is. Many companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM bring talent from other states to work in the offices in Texas. With them comes many blue voters.

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    ⭐🌟 Biden Harris 🇱🇷🌟⭐

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    Vote for China. I mean Biden/Obama/Hillary.

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    Go HILLARY! Yay!…🤗

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    Trump 2020 – 2028

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    A biden vote is a vote for Sharia Law

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    See how voter suppression works in America. We the people, go Texas!!

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    Trump can take this to his grave that he got more people to vote then any other president the most voters ever lets just hope the motivation is to vote him out.

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    So if ABC news is calling it a tossup that means Trump is only leading by single digits.

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    Lol… Texas a battle ground state??? I think not, it’s gonna be a Trump landslide in Texas

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    Texas is red, just by looking at how many people are without masks. They like to use this as a Trump supporting symbol.

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    My guess is the Dems are in partnership with China to release the Wuhan virus.. just so they can win 2020 election.

    What business was Biden actually doing in China? Virus business? google Obama in Wuhan… learn the truth!!!

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    Trump is nothing like Reagan. Reagan was honest and had integrity, Trump knows neither. Reagan took down the Berlin Wall without dividing America, Trump is rude and divisive. At no time in US history after the Civil War have people been so divided as we are right now under Trump. Reagan was loved by almost 60% of the population, Trump barely hits 40% popularity. There's nobody of any credibility who would dare compare Trump to Reagan. Trump has literally ruined the Republican Party. Dump Him 2020!

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    #Joe Biden And #Kamala Harris For A Better America Together Is Greater!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks Hunter for the Hard-Drive🇨🇳

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    Courage ☆Strength

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