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Early voters sound off about long lines

Voters from various states began voting early this week, and some Voters from various states began voting early this week, and some say they don’t mind the long lines as long as they get to vote.

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    Mix-up leads to 200 mail-in ballots being dropped off at the wrong place in Cass County

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    Just an example of the obvious… error is possible

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    These are my proud American brothers and sisters.

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    Why can't you all vote by mail and deliver it to the USPS? Postage is free…

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    I would even stand on my head for hours to cast my vote for Trump.

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    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Voted for Biden Already!!!!!

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    Vote Trump ya all

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    China will own America and the whole World if Biden wins.
    As much as I don't like Trump …
    America will only be great again if it beats China .
    China is the enemy .
    Vote for Trump in 2020.
    Trump is the chosen one because he is Not a Politician.
    Trump is the only one who has the guts to face China head on .
    Biden and Harris support China , and that will result in the downfall of America and the rest of the World .
    https://youtu.be/_jI-Kr9_qCs Biden hates black people, calls them predators.

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    🦠 TRUMP VIRUS 🦠 needs to GO!!! As a Republican, my rally cry is “Country over Party!!” for this one election. Republicans are out of control and need to check themselves and get SMACKED in the Mouth to knock some sense back into them. It ain’t the party of Lincoln or Reagan with this SICK man at the helm and SICK that the others are supporting him.

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    antifa.com goes to Biden's fundraising site, no wonder he won't condemn them.

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    I think its a shame whenever a black person talks, i tend to think i know how they voted but cant say the same for any other race. It's a shame and frankly a disgrace

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    Wow. The Republicans are in trouble. Their voter suppression tactics isn't working anymore.

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    These are people voting democrats..they're not wearing them red maga hats go out and vote in person people VOTE HIM OUT

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    Can't stop the American determination~Obama

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    How come voting is so difficult? That's ridiculous!

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    That's right, they can't suppress our votes

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    I find it disappointing that other states haven't tried mail in ballots. Several states have been doing it for years w/o a SINGLE FRAUD. No waiting in line, no possible exposure to covid, no fraud. When you get your driver's license you get your voter card, so no illegals can vote. All the fraud statements are lies by Trump. If you people weren't so stupid your vote would already be counted.

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    Thank you to all those people who stood in line and participated in their civic responsibility, i voted this week in Dayton Ohio and there were lines, it took me all of 30 to 45 mins the people who were in line with me were happy and seemed like they were on a mission. Now onto something negative, this should not be happening in a country that called itself the "greatest democracy" in the world, we need to vote out the people that created this, out of spite.

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    I don't really cares who wins, both presidential candidates are playing dirty politics to their own followers and supporters out there. If Joe Biden wins, I don't really cares about that! If Donald Trump wins, I don't truly care about that either! They're just making people sick of their own deceiving lies and more lies. Voting for either of them won't makes my life easier to live by. These old fart guys are very rich men in their own lifestyle matters. They only cares for your own vote, but they don't truly cares about any particular voter out there personally at all. Period!

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    I just drove to the polling place and was in and out in 10 mimutes!

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    Can't vote for Biden ! He is a Racist Criminal ! Do some research American's

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    Let us get out and VOTE for BIDEN/HARRIS in GREAT NUMBERS so there is NO
    QUESTION as to who is the clear WINNER! Let us save our DEMOCRACY!

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    I still wonder how greatest nation on this planet can have folks in queues for that many hours! Always thought this kinda thing only happens in shitty countries, using Trump's words!

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    Just remember !!! the republicans don't want you to vote by mail, or early. They gerrymanda the polling districts to make it difficult all across the country.

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    Disciple of Jesus

    Sheeple turned cattle baa baa moo

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    Terrible lines why?

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    Biden4 Littlegirls

    Thru need u to vote to make u think your participating. Your votes do not matter.

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    Hunter Biden says white lines matter.

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    Power to the People. Take it back. The Constitution was written for you, and you have the power to change it.

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    I will never vote, just wake me up when all this political chaos is over.

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    Fair warning, the nwo army (un) will be coming to "help us make peace" in the not too distant future. Just like lybia, iraq, Venezuela, Argentina, etc. Your local governments have been taken over. Wake up sheeples!

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    Put some adventure in your day and vote you'll feel better about yourself when you plop down in front of the tv and watch the news while posting annoying replies to opposition party voters on YouTube.

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    ABC hits 10 million subscribers! Woot!

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    All of the gulable ppl in the world who believe their votes matter….sad after all the ppl the gov. has deliberately killed with covid they still are stupid…pathetic.

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    Wonderful to see the determination of true Americans. Make that vote count! Stay safe xxxx

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    I want every year too be over because my dad passed away!

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    This whole nightmare is Trump's fault. Plain and simple. He thinks you're stupid. He accuses the Democrats of rigging this election. It's him 100%. Him and all his minions. What the governor in Texas has done is unconscionable. Him and Ted Cruz should go to jail.

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    Im in the uk 10 minutes is the usual waiting time, get this election over and get your politicians to open more polling stations for next time. One of the greatest democracies in the world needs to make it easier for citizens to vote

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    Brilliant, but of course they should not have to wait in line for hours. Imagine if you were waiting to vote on the 3rd – the system is not set up for that. I would like to see Trump and co queue for 11 hours to vote. Oh yeah I forgot it's okay for them to do postal vote, but not ok for ordinary citizens.

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    Because of Trump being a N.a.z.i. – a WW3 is near …

    Those who do not fear death will rise against N.a.z.i.s.m … and the Christian church is the target for destruction …

    Christianity wrote slavery into law in the 1500s – after painting Jesus white and deceived the World … For the Bible makes it very clear that Jesus was born a dark skin, Middle Eastern …

    For over 400 years in the USA – the dark skins were called the devil by those with Bibles and whips…

    The USA has spent 16 Trillion in systematic racism … Hollywood – Religion – Corporate …

    Christianity a good thing? … REALLY? … If a dark skin man today would go to a group of religious white nuts and say he is The Messiah – he would be hung – Just like a repeat …

    Keep in mind that if you retaliate because of this information – please do not hurt any children in the process of tearing down the walls of religions that are underlined as N.a.z.i meeting houses …

    Hey Google! …
    who wrote slavery into law?

    Hey Google! …
    what year did Christians sign slavery into law? …

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    This is for EARLY voting. There are still almost three weeks left. If the lines are too long, come back another day.

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    Republican voter suppression is backfiring! The Dems are energized like never before, and the people are not gonna be silenced!!! VOTE!!!

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    Im waiting to have FUN TOO!!! On the 20th early VOTING Start in Wisconsin.

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