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Durable Goods and What They Say About the Economy | WSJ

The survey of new orders for long-lasting goods contains one of the most closely watched U.S. economic indicators. WSJ explains durable goods, and why investors look beyond the headline number for a better read on business activity. Photo: Josie Norris/The San Antonio Express-News

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    RK. Gaming Abhi Ram

    Zing zing Amazing from pspk die hard fans first comment

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    El Canal de Rebeca

    Hola cómo estás saludos 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

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    To be fair, Boeing was already doing badly because of the scandals of the plane's design

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    Sanjaya Ariyawansa Education

    An insightful video

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    The Supreme Archailect

    It says July but it's written June…

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    #maga rolls on

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    Question. Does the home sales figure include refinance of homes?

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    Something wrong with this video’s caption…. delay….

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    Google car graveyard. We don't need all of this production during good times. Sadly when we by cars we are also paying for this car's sister who's still in the grave and will remain there never to be sold. Cars aren't fast fashion. The way we measure productivity is crazy. Besides, some pmi's will always be overblown. There is no good ending to this, many of the furloughs are permanent.

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    0:03 caption is wrong with audio

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    US manufactures almost nothing. China mostly and India are the ones doing it

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    Who is the narrator of these videos? I want books read by him.

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    Where can we find the survey?

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    really nice video

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    Economics in Action

    Loving these short videos, good job WSJ team

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    Common knowledge is there to understand the collective consciousness toward a subject matter but genius is understanding it for seeing beyond it.

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    what about durable goods made by the outsourced country?

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    How do they get access to this data? Do companies willingly give this data to economists or perhaps some aggregator?

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    Economy was already slowing down before corona hit, stock markets are not indicator of the reality. Its going to be L type recovery and will not return to pre corona level until end of 2021.

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    Buy no brainer bullet proof cash rich companies:
    I bought Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Wells Fargo, eBay, Netflix, Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, Intel

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    Hi, I like your content. I love watching your videos.

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    Check out RV trailers, many are sold out and over a year back ordered!!!

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    Don't worry…Manufacturers will make Durable product non-durable! So it will break down soon and your only option would be to buy a new one!

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