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'Dunes and Deplorables': A Trump rally in the sand

In Winchester Bay, Oregon, a group of Trump supporters gathered for a dune buggy rally in support of the president. CNN’s Elle Reeve talked to them about why they think Trump is the best man for the job.
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    As Harvard Business School also states Running government like a business has been tried again and again, only to fail again and again.

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    What a waste of CNN’s time.

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    Incest MUST be stopped in America…. This is not funny anymore….!!!

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    Criminal News Network!!! Election Interference is the least of your worries, What this Network and many others have done will be another dark chapter in American History!!! By the way, tomorrow it begins so Buckle Up!!!

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    the CNN rally was held at the kiddy prone shop!

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    These people are a disgrace to America and what America should stand for. Just like trump,These people ONLY care about themselves

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    Trust the plan it's ok we'll help you to WWG1WGA

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    Dems have gone too far left with defunding police & there communist agenda. This time around, I'm voting TRUMP 2020!

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    “We hired him because we know nothing about his taxes or earnings “. “But his a great businessman”.

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    Sergio samano zamora

    Gosh…pathetic and ridículous….i had not had the chance to see so many pathetic supremacists together and i could bet a shiny dime they hide some other reasons for doing this…!!if we investigate we might find some KKK roots for sure…!!!

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    Trump Trump Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Four more years. President Trump is going to dry the swamp. And Biden with CNN and other media are in the swamp. The biggest bombshell in the history of U.S. the corruption of Biden, his family, the democrats and the left media. Democrats since Obama sold U.S. might to foreign Powers, China & Russia.

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    So sad to see the the ignorance. Why they think being someone who doesn’t care is cool is beyond any normal realm of reason.

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    “ I like draft dodgers who doesn’t marry Americans.”

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    Where's Biden hide'n? Isn't he going to answer just a few, choice questions?

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    Anyone speaks against the
    The Democrats RACIST

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    hahahaha -I mean that looks fun AF for sure, but G* D* these people are dumb. I feel bad

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    “ I like draft dodgers that doesn’t not have American wife’s”.

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    Individuals who live among higher comfortable conditions never seem to fathom how their sacred system oppresses the poor and perpetuates inequality. There are millions of people that have to fight and battle every day for their dignity and their place at the table of society. To be so oblivious to that and not feel compelled to contribute as a collective makes me unsure of the so called faith and responsibility to their fellow man. Imagine their final judgment as transactional as their conduct during life. Yeah eternal life and all, but uh “What’s in it for me?”

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    The dead bodies from covid-19 were near 250,000, however, when Trump loses the election there's going to be a mass cases of suicides, of a lot of people killing themselves. Reaching 1,000,000

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    the most truthful of the comments in this clip is that these people supporting trump. don't fully understand what is going on!

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    Conservative policy is: "But I wanna, don't care about anyone else" whether it's guns, fossil fuels, racism, taxes or Separation of Church and State, all over the world.

    Scared little white boy babies scared of giving up their rattles in case someone else gets a turn.

    "When you're accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like oppression."

    These idiots are armed, sadly, thanks to GOP's NRA megadonors.

    Let's hope when Trump catches a flight to Russia when he loses the election that they drift back to their monster truck rallies and dirtbike scrambles instead of taking their AR15s onto the streets against their fellow citizens.

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    He's one of us except he inherited millions cheated on his wife didn't pay his contractors cheated people & went bankrupt multiple times.

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    A bunch of douche bag trust fund kids driving around on toys they bought with disposable income all while actual hardworking people are risking their lives to work through the weekend and feed their own families. Who's the lazy POS here? History is going to hold them down and screw them hard for this.

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    Who are they supporting?

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    LOL, Trump is a trust fund baby. He’s never worked a day in his life. His daddy left him $32 BILLION.

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    Never seen America look so weak it’s like the whole country have bone spurs.

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