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Dueling town halls takeaways

President Trump and former Vice President Biden battle for voters in separate town halls.

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  1. Avatar

    While all of these guys were talking I caught myself thinking I was looking only at Emily. I'm absolutely in love with her.

  2. Avatar
    Applepiekilla McGee

    When will fox viewers realize how hypocritical these folks are. Half of the Trump town hall were decided voters and one ran for senate as a Republican.

  3. Avatar

    Where's the Joe Hidden?

  4. Avatar

    Mediator in trump interview had 4 times as many questions as the people in audience at Town Hall . CANT SEE THE BIAS HERE. SNUFFALUFFAGUS DIDN'T MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT CHINA SCANDAL TO JOE. HMMMM, WONDER WHY?

  5. Avatar

    One was a dog show, the other was a dog fight.🇺🇸

  6. Avatar

    Nah, dude, Trump getting in Savannah's a$$ was exactly what we wanted to see. In fact, hope he does this again next time, if there is a 2nd debate.

  7. Avatar

    This Trump guy owes $425 million in debt to God knows who, won’t release his tax returns, wants to eliminate healthcare without a plan, perpetuated more fatalities during the pandemic—over 200,000 Americans, 4 years of endless lies and divided Americans more than ever. Let’s VOTE TRUMP OUT. We deserve better than a narcissistic self-centered ego maniac clown!

  8. Avatar

    How can anyone watch this kind of "show"?

  9. Avatar

    Criminal Indictments by Administration

    Donald Trump (so far) — 215

    Richard Nixon — 76

    George W. Bush — 16

    Bill Clinton — 2

    Jimmy Carter — 1

    Barack Obama — 0

  10. Avatar

    Sounds like a bunch of sore loosers to me.

  11. Avatar

    Yes Biden you are a lousy candidate!

  12. Avatar

    The badger, the shrew that is this woman, set trump up along with NBC what a disgrace!

  13. Avatar

    Nothing from the people at a town hall.
    Total BS from legacy media presenting propaganda for the socialist and backing a ageing life time political hack with 2nd stage alzhimers.
    And some talking head gal with TDS.

  14. Avatar

    I need to go to watch something else. Talking about anything to do with the media is disgusting.

  15. Avatar

    Fake media ignored internet viewership numbers of Trump's townhall to declare Biden as the winner in ratings.

  16. Avatar

    .The biggest part is that the DNC is corrupt and none of this crap matters there is no discussion , BIDEN and co. should all be brought up on charges of treason

  17. Avatar

    LMAO, Super macho "stable genius" can't handle questions from a lowly female, then whines about it incessantly, along with his cult and fux newz. What a pack of sniveling losers. Poor, poor trumpy, everyone is so mean to him. WAH WAH WAH.

  18. Avatar

    My opinion . . . it was 3 ASSCLOWNS and TRUMP. TRUMP 2020 and beyond "12 more years"

  19. Avatar

    NO. It's more like comparing a lying bullshitter whose desperately trying to secure every vote he can (even if it means playing along with dangerous cults like QAnon), with a humble, rational, normal human being, who's doing his best to pull America back from the brink.

  20. Avatar


  21. Avatar
    Jacqueline Jacobs

    Gutfield keep apologizing for Trump he'll be gone soon. You have limited time with your soulmate.

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