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Drought reveals sunken Thai temple – BBC News

Thousands are flocking to the ruins of a temple in Thailand, after it emerged from a drought-hit reservoir. Wat Nong Bua Yai has been submerged for 20 years and has only reappeared once before, in 2015 when water levels also dipped.

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    There's no drought within Sir Jimmy's phallus, they'll be sucking the juices out shortly! Goodness Gracious

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    It doesn't look like much of a temple to me.

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    Islam is at war with the polytheists

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    usual response from the loony brigade.

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    There is drought and famine coming to India and China.

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    Want to stop migrant populations?, Fix the goddamned climate.

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    There's a "drought" in the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation posting BRITISH news.

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    Proof that climate change is normal and always has been

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    Free British Indian ocean territory. Shame on British.

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    I come form thailand สวัสดีครับ

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    No water…worship carved stone. Always a solution.

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    they pray to nothing sadly but nice thing to happen for them

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    Respect our ancient cultures and beliefs its our only link to our ancestors 1000s of years ago.

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    R.I.P. for all of the salty comments. I hope you rot in hell.

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