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Dr. Fauci responds to President Trump's latest attack

CNN’s Erin Burnett asked Dr. Anthony Fauci if President Donald Trump was trying to get him to quit by attempting to disparage him, calling him a Democrat to supporters.
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    The President is sowing false hopes and misinformation with the intention of gathering votes. This behavior is killing citizens.
    Vote him out of office.

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    Marcelina Perez Shaner

    I love how he doesn't pay attention to the negativity ..the kind of person i hope to be

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    Donald Trump has been caught colluding with Jesus Christ " Fake News CNN spread it now….

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    Look guys, how can Trump respond it right away to give PPE, face mask and ventilators if Bill Clinton with the help of Biden exported the medical factories/medical manufacturing facilities under free trades to foreign countries most especially to China. Clinton over regulated companies and taxed them high and so as the millionaires/investors that own these businesses/factories/med. facilities and these are the reasons we don't have these medical protective equipment factories in the country. There are so many RX drugs that are not made in these country because the factories that makes them are not here anymore and closed down. Trump and the US government does not own the pharmaceutical companies, does not own the Rx drugs brands, does not own the patented ventilator machine, and does not own drug manufacturing facilities/factories. Even now, the government does not own the Drug companies that makes the covid-19 vaccine and so Biden and his democratic party and all americans needs to wait for the vaccine until it is available and ready to use it.

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    Many canadians love Trump scary i am in lockdown now work in a restaurant it was dead as cases go up less customers

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    Do people forget this man told America NOT TO WEAR MASKS? Fauci is as fake as CNN

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    He seems a little worried about just speaking the plain truth. He's scared

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    Fauci was asleep on the job. To ever even suggest masks would not help is a joke even f he changed later

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    Then all you so call journalist will never work again you destroyed yourself

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    come on America,. mandating a mask is not hard, look elsewhere and you will see people do it becuase they get it!

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    Fake news as always.

  12. Avatar

    He's got class, he doesn't outright call Trump a phucking liar.

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    Trump uses Dr. Fauci as a scapegoat,
    he knows he is blamed for the COVID -19 screwup.

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    "We are rounding the corner". Says a charlatan who does not understand the science of pandemic dynamics.

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    Dr. Fauci, I am so sorry you have had to go through such degrading comments coming from the president but thank you for your service to the United States and don't give up, keep moving forward and shake off Trump and his nasty mouth.

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    “It’s noise” – Dr. Fauci
    The best and most true statement of the year!

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    I cant believe ppl take fauci seriously….hahhahaa

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    Trump was right CNN only talk about Corona, we don't care! We know what to do!

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    We love you Dr ❣️

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    6:04 "Cure is a really big word"
    Really?? Fake news

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    I agree, Tony. It’s noise, but it’s incessant. I’d love to just turn it off, but I fear that it’s just going to get louder after November 3rd.

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    الكنز الأعظم

    cnn is pathetic, the only thing they care about is Trump. Anything that could bring Trump down they like. Even covid. They really don't care about this country.

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    Major respect for you, Dr. Fauci.

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    Francesca Arbuckle

    Dr. Fauci looks weary. God bless him.

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    Cry more Clow News Network. Clear all your desks on Nov 4th please. Youre all failures to your jobs and the country youre meant to report to.

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    If my good friend is an idiot therefore I am an idiot although I don't register myself as an idiot or behave like an idiot. This is an advanced theory that I was not taught in school.

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    Kudos to Mr. Fauci

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    so anti Christ…Beast system being set up!!

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    Trump Pence 2020!Keep America Great🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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    i like Dr. Fauci.

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    only in america: a scientist has to defend himself against the attacks of a fool

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    That's exactly what we the people are doing ignore a ignorant greedy lier person that at the end he is the one that's hurting himself.

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    This poor man must be tired of this every day crap. All this Dude is trying to do is his job.

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