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Dr. Anthony Fauci says US could hit 400,000 COVID-19 deaths

Of the more than 1,200 health care workers that have died from COVID-19, 63% have been health care workers of color, according to a new report from Kaiser Health.

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    Covid must hit people different bc I got it and I'm fine…all I had was a small fever and my taste and smell went gone but are coming back. Is it being blown out of proportion?

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    “Bruce Tainio, a famous researcher and developer of Tainio Technology, found that a healthy body resonates at a frequency of 62-70 MHz, and when your frequency drops to 58 MHz, that is when the disease starts1. Bacteria, viruses, and disease each have their own, low frequency that influences your energy field”

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    Technology is being used to make you sick.

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    Because Dead virus cells test positive. The test can't tell the difference between live virus and dead

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    To heal you must use singing bowls and reiki to heal your bodies resonance. Especially while on psychedelics This is real science.

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    I have a question for the American people- Why do you continue to spread this virus? Why are most of you doing nothing to slow the spread? Could someone please answer those questions?

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    If 50 plus ppl were dying from covid a day then itll be slaughter but 1 or 2 every other day and some dont even know the cause of death. Come on covid aint that serious and does not spread that quickly. Have i been exposed many times already and still haven't contacted it and many ppl i know are recovered

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    He's right, he's always right and yet a see signs on the lawns of my neighbors saying "fire Fauci" and it is just horrifying, I hope this is over soon.

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    Stonks go UP. Lives are just an after thought.

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    Truth Justice American way

    Disgruntled employee x head of the cdc thank God he was canned he was the worst health director. He would say anything to get back at those firing him and making him look like a total idiot

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    Damn nature. You’re scary

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    Let's enjoy our freedom of dying. Great America, Evil China.

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    Current trend of fatalities and infections coupled by idiotic example set by the orange guy make this prediction very very real!!!

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    Totally by design the mission is not to save lives because if it was the powers that be would have done so clearly

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    indefatigable zzz

    Can we become vegetarians? Clearly our cruelty against animal has prompted Mother Nature to reign her wrath upon us.

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    just open everything and see what happens 🙂

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    Don't live in fear. Read what 1000s of doctors and scientist say we should be doing to fight Covid-19. https://gbdeclaration.org/

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    The same cdc who said 6% of covid19 deaths aren't caused by the virus but from their comorbidities. 10k deaths not 210k deaths. Relax people

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    Trump is already sick in his head all along, now he got covid with all those treatment, drugs…. Cannot imagine how crazy he can be now, guess 400,000 deaths prediction from Dr fauci is very Conservative lol
    It's definitely over half a millions deaths by year end. What a Christmas, the Americans will be looking forward to.

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    People die EVERYDAY anyway, how many MORE people are dying because of Covid ? I'm sure this isn't 400,000 people who will die because of Covid on top of the number of people that die yearly anyway

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    This is long it also has information that you can check and the places you can find it if you have issue with what I or other like me are saying do the work don’t just parrot what your told if you think I’m crazy, biased or out right lying I’ve given you the information to prove what I’m saying. I get why people find details and people like me who present them and doubt them. You hear one thing and we say the opposite. But listen with an open mind and take the details, information myself and and others are telling you and look for yourself. First, what we say is not an endorsement of Trump so don’t dismiss it as if it is. This is info from the CDC report and a bipartisan think tank called the Hoffman Process, Institution. If you have heard anything about the HPI though it’s been mostly ignored is that they are a right wing organization, but they have been used by both parties numerous times on tons of issues and that is also easy to check they also have a video that has everything I say in it including the current situation and some aspects you won’t see for years not just current heath issues but long term, financial cost, effect on economic issues now and in the future and effect this has already had on education but also how it will effect it in the future. If you see campaign ads a bunch of good people who are effected negatively by one candidate will freely tell painful moments earnestly trying to spare others that same pain. Children with illness or those who have died are always tough to watch because they are real and you can relate. No story is off limits they want to paint the other guy/woman in the worst possible light. The human interests stories are media gold yet in all the stories all the ads the one ad/story that would have the most effect would be video/pictures/stories/campaign ads featuring a child’s death/funeral yet not one, if you want to say they wouldn’t exploit the death of a loved one they are doing stories and interviews with families of those killed by law enforcement. Statistics, if you are 60 and younger and otherwise healthy you have a better chance to die from the flu, plain and simple. 50% of all deaths in the US have occurred in nursing homes and if you look to see the percentage of US population that lives in nursing homes it’s .6 % that’s point six not six percent. If you are younger than 24 and are otherwise healthy you have a less than 1% chance to die. Fauci and others have spent a lot of time talking about the explosion in new positives and that’s all they say. A monthly or so ago we heard that the U of Georgia opened and had 11,000 new positives the first two weeks Fauci was on TV and was calling for university personnel to be arrested for negligence and accused parents of putting kids in jeopardy for political ideology. And then nothing no updates on 11,000 new positive. The reason no follow up occurred is that no deaths, hospitalizations and most tellingly the students that tested positive were allowed back in class if health protocols were observed. Biden is running ads that tens of thousands are dying each week and pointed to how the virus has seized control of Minnesota and the death toll was mounting over the period he referenced 14 or 15 deaths occurred 11 of which were in nursing homes. The two epidemiologists who along side of Fauci decided lockdown was the only answer, one of which became such a media whore that he started to refer to himself in third person as “Professor Lockdown” Neil Ferguson, like Fauci believed the rules didn’t apply to him was fired/resigned as the UK advisor it was pretty quite never being reported here and though it was big news for that day no one talks about it now. If you look at stories from that time from the UK you see public officials being asked about the data that caused the lockdown and they brush it aside for obvious reasons but the man who cries apocalypse every few days and also publicly endorsed Biden is still called on only because he’s the face of the fight against Trump. What I’ve put here is true some number might have very small differences but these were numbers from between a month ago and now. My other comment on Canada is the opposite of here and what I mean is the progressive/conservative battle is as contentious as in the US it’s only difference being the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is progressive/left wing and the media is with him. If you want more info on that the YouTube channel is RebelNews. I realize that this will not stop people from dismissing what many including myself are saying but you look at what I’m saying watch read what ive talked about and if you want to dismiss me do better then implying I’m on drugs or crazy but that would involve effort by those people. If you think I’m biased for Trump I can’t stop that but your opinion could be biased by your hate of him keep that in mind.

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    We are at risk of asymptomatic, healthy disease?
    What absurdities will the media and politicians take to keep us afraid of a virus whose harmful effects have never been scientifically studied?

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    About 38,000 Americans die from flu every year. Half million people may die from the virus during 2 year period. I don't understand how people say Convid is just same as flu……

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    Covid 19https://youtu.be/55fNpmdmhoo la canzone grazie

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    He also said everyone would have HIV by now

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    smashing your Mom

    1200+ dead healthcare workers in 6 months. First im hearing of this and in a 30 sec. soundbite. Thanks ABC

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    Redas Juodziukynas

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    Redas Juodziukynas

    north korea covid19 hipnose wi-fi router signal left ears (north korea linux) green psichic color temperature autism and….444444

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    The five huge global corporations that own 90% of your media have manufactured this non crisis to frighten you cowards into killing small business and taking away more houses from poor people..i'm as ashamed of you cowards as i was after 9-11.. What will they frighten you into next?

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    This add was paid for by the Biden campaign

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    It has already been revealed by CDC documents that 94% of all COVID-19 deaths occurred in patients who had one or more severe medical conditions or causes of morbidity such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. No autopsies of any kind are being performed by hospitals. The COVID-19 Pandemic is a complete hoax. Dr. Fauci is a fraud. ABC is still pushing fear and fake news.

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    Did You Hear that?; the Nations TOP Infectious Disease Specialist

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    Elite Manhood & Fitness

    Fauci will dealt with by God

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    well, ive been traveling through this country and just out of curiosity and for something to do I went to every medical facility and hospital in every city and town I passed through. The parking lots are nearly empty. I walk inside and theres nobody waiting to check themselvles in anywhere. So where are all the sick people? I havent even met someone who knows someone who is down with a never before seen illness. I have to arrive at the obvious and logical conclusion that covid 19 is a big bold lie. This has serious implications. The government is forcing the people into poverty with a lie. they'll offer a solution to us but we'll have to comply with their vaccine tracking system and digital currency. That sets up the global dictatorship for satan to take over and impose the mark of the beast without which we may not buy or sell. Easy to see the conditioning with these mask orders. No mask no entry = no 666 no entry.

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    TG Mathias Explained

    I mean, the US is at 200k,so its almost 400k 😔

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    Damn the Communist Government.

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    Just say NO To NWO

    My thanks to "Kylindi Iyi"💗👨🏿‍🚀🍄

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    Is only going to hit that many if Fauci continues to ignore the science of common sense. Infection in your nose… use a nasal spray. Www.commonsensemedicine.org

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    Liars also use science. Looking forward to the failed coup by the demonrats.

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    Dr. Fauci is as guilty of mass-manslaughter as any of the Trump enablers. He knows the truth. He knows that Trump's supporters listen to trump and NOT to him. Yet, he refuses to ever simply say "Donald Trump is wrong." Let alone "Donald Trump is lying about this." Fauci is killing people, in order to protect his career. Stop giving him credit for anything. He's a monster. Rot in Hell, Dr. Fauci.

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    People still believe this crap? How dumb can you be. Over 70 = 94% survival rate. Under 70 = 99% survival rate. Cdc's own numbers. Theres no fucking pandemic.

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