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Dozens of wildfires rage along U.S. West Coast as flames burn in multiple states

Dozens of wildfires raged throughout the U.S. West Coast on Wednesday into Thursday, with fires in California, Washington and Oregon.

At least two people died in Oregon as a result of the fires, and another person passed away in Washington.

Officials are hopeful that cooler and less windy weather on Thursday will give them a chance to contain some of the fires.

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    Jesus is coming soon 🙏🙏🙏

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    Person putting out fire in very first clip is perfect!!!

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    They have to use tragedy to promote their lies and agenda. Shameful!!

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    CCP 🇨🇳 wildfire!

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    Covid 19 doesn’t exist. Its all about control. Time to wake up before it’s too late

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    Governments pretend they are protecting the people from the fake killer
    virus while they are preparing to try to reorganize the economy and
    cleverly default on national debts seems core. Given all governments at
    all levels are bankrupt and all seem involved in the Corona virus, it
    explains how well organized and bankers involvement….

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    Why NO BLACK FIREFIGHTER'$ in Hamilton Ont. ?…ask long $eated City Councilor TOM JACK$ON !

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    Of course this has nothing to do with man-made climate change. Just bigger and worse fires every year producing bigger insurance bills because of natural causes.

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    Its like driving though hell lol

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    Kate Brown has no heart

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    These wildfires along the west coast have been a growing problem for the last few years, not much people can do about it. I wonder if any scientists are doing studies projecting the impact on people and wildlife?

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    good hopefully the covid-19 don't trespass this time lol usa is done fore thats for you get playing with my daddy Powers u cant play God we the native American Indians will take over this country and we will show u Money hungry evil empire how to take care of this land.

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    Why not just identify as no fires. Isn’t that all you have to do. And it’s so. The fire must be racist and bigoted eh

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    Yeah we get the premise: Evil CO2 unleashing fire and brimestone upon the science denying masses; If we don't kill CO2 first, she will surely kill us. Globalist News couldn't care less about suffering, blazing images of terror and destruction is what they want.

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    blame it on the super powers of war 😛🤪😜 my readings tell me your silly nuclear tasting on my planet is even caused ice to melt permanently up north great job humans

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    W.H. InternalizationMeristem

    Please save California and Oregon.

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    back then hoes didn't want me but now so hot hoes all on me make it rain 🌧️

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    still tipping those fires out huh Mike Jones who Mike Jones putting out those fires i got them internet going nuts tipen on 4o 4os

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    It happens every year. Why are we surprised?

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    "sitting side ways!" "boys in the days!!!" yeah!!!!!!!

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    World's worst Governor

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    Thank antifa for all these suspicious fires 🔥

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    God like u can't lie to my people the end is near so sip some Sizer

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    Sooooooo maaaaannnnnyyyyy gender reveal parties. Soo much damage.

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    Эндрю Дмитриевич

    No. You will not distruct me from corrupt Trudo and fake pandemic. officials in the US Cdc proved that 94% of the deaths are not directly related to covid. And even for those 6% the survival rate is 0..something0001. much more people fie from other things. Why should we have a lockdown because of thus hoax?

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    “Its a boy!!!” oh wait the forrest is on fire 😮

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    Horrible, all those poor animals…

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    What are the root causes of these catastrophe's? Is it possible CalFire doesn't have the resources it needs because tax dollars have been directed elsewhere?

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    how many times did gruesome newsom say AH, you would think the left would send him to a public speaking class and learn how not to say AH between every other word

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    Christopher Windsor

    Nothing more progressive than simultaneously lighting fires down an interstate corridor, am I right? My thoughts and prayers with the people of Antifa that lit themselves on fire this week….

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    Antifa arsonists have been caught and arrested starting some of these wildfires.

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