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Dozens of newborn babies are stranded in Kyiv due to coronavirus lockdown

Over 100 babies have yet to see their adoptive parents for the first time. Travel restrictions in Ukraine prevent most foreign parents from entering the country.…

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  1. Avatar
    Sarah Aberdeenabernathy

    🙁 this is sad

  2. Avatar

    I love euronews and it content. Euronews has inspired me to start my own channel focusing on issues plaguing our communities

  3. Avatar

    OH had no idea of the babies without their birth mothers.. and that many babies up for adoption.. that is just bad… dna checking should be done to find out the true nature of parentage…! there ARE many ISSUES with raising a baby… and the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION usually comes to hospitals to spend days with the crying babies … surprised the WHO has not shown up !!!!! also UNICEF AND THE UNITED NATIONS AND UNESCO and OH gosh MANY MANY MORE.. ACCORDING to MY DATA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the RED CROSS ..the blood should be studied on these little babies… WORLD LEADERS do you hear me ! DO YOU HEAR ME ?????

  4. Avatar

    Please investigate more about this trade.

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    Súdwesthoeke Bakhuster

    i could welcome one here, safest place in the Netherlands, Fryslan… sadly i hear that it's not alowed to transport them cross border.

  6. Avatar

    NOONE tell the pope, ok?

  7. Avatar

    They are gonna harvest adrenochrome.

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