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Dozens of European countries report record COVID-19 rates

Coronavirus cases are rising sharply in Europe with dozens of countries reporting record infection rates. Meanwhile, hopes of a vaccine are growing in the UK with the British government anticipating a mass roll-out in the first half of next year. Researchers at Oxford University are in the last stages of vaccine testing with encouraging results.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker has more.

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    Most developed countries can’t find a vaccination for a minor virus, shambles.

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    France 🇫🇷 president mental health

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    lock down the elderly and let youth become immune o

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    yellow ambulances in spain thats weird

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    Yes we Bangladeshis are brown skin not black even darkest Bangladeshi is not by african standards

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    Covid is a global fraud to enslave humanity.

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    They should be in jail! They just want to kill people

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    Europe has another virus to deal with after Covid. It's Q U R A N O virus.

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    Truth Keeper Films

    Amazing, more cases now with lockdowns, masks, and distancing vs at the beginning with ZERO protections. Wake up sheep, its a lie to plunge the world in a depression.

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    Ricardo Ferreira Miranda

    Terrible, where's the virus? Is it in the air, water, food?

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    Viva le France

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    France on the top+health care overrun,it will happen

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    So China leveraging "emergency use" of their vaccines suddenly makes much sense…

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    Gabriel Leathercock

    What do you think "Covid-19" is?
    It's a Gay Bomb Baby….

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