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Dozens arrested as Hong Kong marks China’s National Day

At least 80 people have been arrested in Hong Kong after defying a ban on protests.
The arrests came during China’s National Day holiday, which marks the founding of the People’s Republic of China 71 years ago.
Al Jazeera’s Adrian Brown reports from Hong Kong.

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  1. Avatar

    Another Police State. 5 demands I believe. 😂😂

  2. Avatar

    These ppl are crazy eat anything that walks and barks

  3. Avatar

    More "reporters" than protestors. LOL.

  4. Avatar
    DEON #Group zero

    Why is he wearing the sunglasses in the thumbnail. He probably wanted to be a fashion designer but ended up being a ccp cop.😂

  5. Avatar

    There were more reporters than protestors lmao

  6. Avatar

    Trump Amerika and the UK are not very happy with this video. Why? Chinese is not trying to kill Chinese. 🤦‍♂️

  7. Avatar

    British Hong Kong

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    They're all Chinese. Isn't what they're supposed to do ?

  10. Avatar

    Screw China….

  11. Avatar

    What a barbaric country.

  12. Avatar

    The CCP are thugs but make no mistake, rioters still roam the streets. These are criminals!

  13. Avatar

    They are rasing the flag which 50 million people died under its reign in the last century alone. Is it really worth a celebration ?

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  15. Avatar

    Those are street trash and riots and funded by CIA.

  16. Avatar

    Its odd when America trying to introduce freedom & democracy to their enemies rather than their friends, seems like democracy & freedom is some kind of punishment

  17. Avatar

    Without China, everyone knows there would've been no CoVid19.

  18. Avatar

    Just deport those useless so call peaceful protesters to UK where they are welcome and let them enjoy their real freedom in their mother land of English/whitemans world.

  19. Avatar

    People's Republic of China🇨🇳
    Republic of China(Taiwan)🇹🇼
    Hong Kong🇭🇰

  20. Avatar

    there are more journalists than protests

  21. Avatar

    One china policy should be respect hongknog people 😊

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