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Downing Street defends top aide Dominic Cummings amid questions over 260-mile lockdown trip

His job is to work in the shadows of government but yet again the Prime Minister’s Chief Adviser is in the spotlight. (Subscribe:

Those defending Dominic Cummings’ decision to drive to his parents house in County Durham say he acted legally. Others accuse him of breaking the lockdown rules he helped impose.

The SNP leader in the Commons, Ian Blackford, wants an investigation into what happened.

Many questions remain.

Did the prime minister know of his trip across the country? And as Downing Street insists that neither he nor his family were spoken to by the police, Durham Constabulary have stood by their statement to the contrary.


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  1. Avatar

    So much for him being the man of the people. LOL

  2. Avatar

    Life is not about unnecessary risk.

  3. Avatar

    my neighbours are always having people over. nobody gives a. and Jenny has no soul

  4. Avatar

    Of course he broke it and Boris should sack him or it's one rule for them and another for everyone else.

  5. Avatar
    David Henderson

    Why do sheep and cliffs keep Cummings up

  6. Avatar

    Typical government, one rule for us PLEBS and a completely different rule for them.

  7. Avatar
    Patricia Susan Jones

    The Tory minister goes on about doing what’s right to protect your family and that people shouldn’t judge – how about taking away the increasing fines for the general public who “flout the rules?”

  8. Avatar

    Just over 14K fines have been given out to ppl who have broken lockdown rules up to march only (source:bbc(dunno how many to date accurately) he should atleast get fined! Just Like most of his fellow Londoners where forced to pay a fine for breaking lockdown rules.

  9. Avatar

    This is what makes me wonder if its all a scam.

  10. Avatar
    Ragna Eyjadóttir

    Why was that anti-social distance guy interviewed?

    This idiotic argument "people die every year .. dont shelter at home" – Makes you wonder .. at what infection rate and CFR would he say that it is ok to shelter at home? Its not r0=2-3 with a CFR or 0.5 or so … maybe he would stay home when the CFR was 1%? 2%? 10%? 80%? … or when its him that is in danger?

  11. Avatar

    They really are a joke!

  12. Avatar

    It didn't take long for the virus to become a political tool.

  13. Avatar

    My news today is my Son is going to FIve Guys tomorrow to get his Mum a gorgeous Cheeseburger, Fries and a Strawberry Milkshake.

  14. Avatar

    This leftwing driven obsession with Dominic Cummings by channel fraud news is not only tedious and repetitive but utterly biased, which so typifies channel fraud news in so many area's.

  15. Avatar

    Lynch mob, Hounding people, Mob attitude, Throwing people onto a bonfire., not very British?.. wholly an Irresponsible attitude. Over 35000 dead, trajectory 400000. Our leaders need to get their act together. Their behavior matters.

  16. Avatar

    If government doesn't stick to the rules then neither are we going to it's off to the beach we go

  17. Avatar

    Of course he broke the lockdown rules, jeez. Now he come out with a so-called justifiable reason to travel 260 miles WITH symptoms, pushing aside the fact that he’s in charge of a motor vehicle. It’s a disgrace and we have Anita Boateng harping on her bullshit defending this hypocritical over-paid idiots. Now if this idiot does have a good reason then that’s fine but the same attitude should be given to ordinary members of the public, many of whom have been fined for ridiculous situations. The police I dare say haven’t prosecuted any of these two-faced advisers and politicians … Scottish Chief Medical Officer Dr. Catharine Calderwood, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, Prof. Neil Ferguson who was having fun with his married fancy lady, Michael Gove and probably more. A lockdown based on a computer model operated by Neil Ferguson who has a master’s degree in physics and a doctorate in philosophy and yet real qualified virologists and experts don’t seem to be allowed to be anywhere near mainstream media. If this virus is so bad then experts wouldn’t be breaking their own lockdown rules based on a computer model that predicted 500,000 deaths. Not a word on mainstream media about the published article by the Telegraph in Oct 2019 and the dummy disease-x pandemic, no mention of the arrest in the USA of dr. Charles Lieber…and you wonder why people are losing faith in mainstream media and politicians

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    So, he and his wife were sick and family volunteered to help them.

  20. Avatar

    I'm going to have to leave at 5 in the morning tomorrow to get my spot on the beach it's going to be crowded

  21. Avatar

    He's going to look like an idiot riding that bicycle its way too small.

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