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Dow plunges after Trump tweets about China, Fed

Investor concerns over the uncertainty caused by the US-China trade war send the Dow plunging after President Donald Trump sent out a series of tweets that indicated that the trade war would be getting worse. #CNN #Trump #TradeWar

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    The biggest US enemy is not Fed Reserve Chairman Jay Powrll or the President of China. It's Fraud Trump. Oust him!

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    Why does the newscaster have an accent?

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    learnt from " Chernobyl " series. The image of power is the power; the u.s. of a. has now the stupidest image you can get , therefore power has been lost.

    Hollywood made the world believe that there was intelligent people at the office in movies, reality has showed that greedy morons are all over the place, starting with the republitards and evangelist

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    I feel like he's just a bumbling fool. While China is being patient and measured in its responses and thoughtfully countering our tariffs to maximize their effectiveness on our society.
    I said this when all this began and I'll say it again, the Chinese will wait out his term. So they can negotiate with an administration of substance they can trust. I think the whole world is holding their collective breaths waiting for 2020 to take place. Until then we'll have the same chaos we've had for the last few years.

    All you trump supporters you really thought a guy whose been bankrupt multiple times was a good idea to run things. Setting aside the dreadful personality shortcomings and impulse control for just moment.
    Someone explain to me the rationale behind a vote for trump. I've watched on in utter shock and awe over the exploits of what was a dignified office and now it's a reality show.

    This is one of those "I told you so" moments that I hope I'm wrong about.

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    i think whatever side of the spectrum ur on we can all agree..

    fuk politics🖕

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    I don't understand this is not Donald Trump country this is the American people country why in the fuck are the republicans allowing him to do these things

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    "Order Eh? 'ho does 'e t'ink 'e is? "….From the Constitutional Peasant bit in Monty Python's Holy Grail.

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    Trump is an idiot go figure. And conservatives dislike bombing because they are but hurt. dear god this country is screwed.

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    I dunno, maybe everyone just shouldn't dump all their stock every time Trump utters a word on Twitter? 🤔

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    Let Dow plunges, as long as they obey his orders. Trump trade war is winning.

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    Trump stay off Twitter, stay grabbing women by the pussy, and do what you got to do to fix America while the rest of the world laughing at us.

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    He's ordering companies now. He thinks of himself as dictator. Let me guess. If companies don't follow his orders then they are traitors? And what is he for being Putin's bitch?

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    China sees backing down as losing face. I think they underestimate how crazy Trump actually is.

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    China wants to seize America’s means of production.

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    Donald Trump is doing the right thing no matter how you try to twist it. But you keep trying and will keep voting for him

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    You liberals are literally celebrating the economies downfall cuz orange man bad

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    That's what markets do it's been that way since 1817. Any real news on the docket?

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    You need watch your tone when you talk about our President. We lawfully voted him in and will do so again

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    …. I bet he’ll blame Obama …

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    This can be done incrementally stop the unnecessary panic China has been getting over on trade way too long, let this play out.

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    Huh TIL a tweet can influence the market. BRB telling people Amazon will give you a free puppy if you BUY BUY BUY

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    We could have done fine without China. Bill Clinton changed that. Clinton sold us out to China during his presidency, now we have to search for affordable goods made in the USA.

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    Everyone better vote for the true populist for the working people of this country. #BernieSanders2020

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    I can hear Trump now rehearing his lines …………"Hillary Clinton's emails started the trade war! Obama angered China first! The Democrats crashed our economy! Jerome Powell, the one I nominated, is a trader to the United States…" What other crazy things can he say?

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    I'm ok with this. I'm willing to lose some money in exchange for making democrats unhappy. Because they're stupid. I saw a Democrat staring at the sun yesterday you know what he said? "I be tannin mah eyeballz!"

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    Sick, CNN's is like a kid' in a candy store. They seem so very happy Dow is down. Sick Democrat's colluding with China

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    Why does anyone think that someone who inherited their money and drove 6 companies into bankruptcy, has the first clue about something as complicated as the national economy? This is a profoundly stupid man in so many categories.

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    Can we get an update on Epstein?

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    Trump is destroying this country in stages just like it is written in prophecy. All you racist idiots who love this moron……your end is going to be harsh and bitter.

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    Without a doubt, THE dumbest know-nothing loudmouth in the history of the country. Many, many, many 3rd grade words from that mouth, but just about every word is dipped in boogers and shit.

    If I'm an American CEO of a business in China, my response to Donnie Dickhead's "order": F*ck you.

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    Dark and uncertain times lay ahead.

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    -623 is about 2 percent. It's not a "plunge." Very fake news.

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    Great… China will be taught a lesson… really??? China is not Iran or Iraq or Syria … it is China… very resolute and silent power.. who can live on mininum. Now the US got an equal adversary… mr President it is not going to be easy… good luck

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    GOOD that means the idiots just sold off and made room for the smart ones

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    Why is this report so noisy? Hey go stand in the street full of traffic for no reason and we'll record all those noises. Why? Also the woman, whose name I don't know, the one in the studio, she can barely speak, bad day for her.

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    Fed is a scapegoat?! You people are too dumb to talk to

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    Where is my comment? I’m I in China or Russia?

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