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Dove Cameron, Cheyenne Jackson – Do What You Gotta Do (From “Descendants 3”)

Well you could learn a thing or two! When push comes to shove you do what you gotta do 🎶

Check out the official music video for “Do What You Gotta Do” in Descendants 3!
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Music video by Dove Cameron, Cheyenne Jackson performing Do What You Gotta Do (From “Descendants 3”). © 2019 Walt Disney Records

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  1. Avatar

    Melhor musica de descendentes 3 (alguem brasileiro ai?)

  2. Avatar

    Como buena la chica anda haciendo uhuhuhu

  3. Avatar

    Mal: Trying to persuade her soul-stealing father to give her a vital magical object that is the only thing powerful enough to counter a magical staff that is wielded by a bitter, angry villain.

    Hades: LET'S DANCE

    Mal: 🙄

  4. Avatar

    i just saw this movie bro is the best of the descendants saga and this song is very good my god

  5. Avatar

    Hades: Poor Mali, are you sad?

    Mal: Not as sad as you without your powers

    Me: Ouch, Hades… need some ice for that burn from your daughter?🤣

    Edit: Thank you guys so much for all of the likes!

  6. Avatar

    "I steal souls, were you expecting flowers?"

  7. Avatar

    I don't care what anyone says, this was the best song in the movie and Hades was the best character

  8. Avatar

    Mal are you going to do desendents4

  9. Avatar

    Mal and hurcules are cousins dum dum dum dummmmmm

  10. Avatar

    In real life hades likes to were makeup

  11. Avatar

    I told u NOBODY
    Not even Azzylands kindness:
    Not even how many videos on yt there are:
    not even how many ppl there r on the planet:
    not even how good funnel vision is:
    Hades out of NOWHARE: LeTs DaNcE

  12. Avatar

    Haides: get over it mal: i am over it both: im over you being over it haides: LETS DANCE 🤣

  13. Avatar

    Mal: should i be proud?
    Mal: Dont turn this thing around
    Hades: Turns around
    Hades *Smacks Tamberine on butt
    Me: wtf 😛

  14. Avatar

    Hades: Listen little girl your talkin to a god
    Me: but Mal is his daughter and half blood she even admitted it in the movie so is she god?

  15. Avatar

    Some of this is so cringe worthy

  16. Avatar

    i love when he says pls hold and i steal souls weree u expecting flowers???, and i guss u are my daughter and how about u learn a thing or 2?????

  17. Avatar

    Hades: i did what i had to do
    Girl's sister that owns the salon: OoOoOh

  18. Avatar

    Hades: R U kidding
    Hades: Is this a joke
    Hades: U need to let it go
    Me: XD

  19. Avatar

    Hades and Mal: Bye Givin Me You Nothin
    Mal while singing it:
    Mals Face: Wtf

  20. Avatar

    People have gave me everything by giving me nothing

  21. Avatar

    I just started my music career. Could I get some feedback on how I’m doin so far 🙏🏾 God Bless

  22. Avatar

    Her face at the start of the song 😂😂

    Mal: another parent with a song

  23. Avatar

    Hades: Im giving u everything
    Mal: I dont need u just came here for somethin
    Later in the movie
    Audrey: under a spell
    Hades:*makes her come to life*
    Mal: ill half to miss u all over again
    Later in the movie
    Mal: if hades wasn't here Audrey wouldent be here
    Mal: were all capeable of Good And bad
    Mal: the barrier stays closed for ever
    Mal: i come from the isle of the lost but im here now so i half to be queen of both

    Has anyone noticed that yet?

  24. Avatar

    I love how Celia joins in the song out of nowhere as backup

  25. Avatar

    did they actually color her hair for this? cause if this is a wig it looks amazing

  26. Avatar

    How did the crown 👸 stay on her 🥇🏆💔

  27. Avatar

    1:41 I love Celia so much rn 😂😂😂😂

  28. Avatar

    0:27 oooooooo snap mal you just burned your dad

  29. Avatar

    So hold up. I have not seen descendants 3 yet. So she is part demigod. Ok.

  30. Avatar

    “When push comes to shove”


    Seriously nobody:


  31. Avatar

    Lets be honest we all have watched this more then 5 times 🤣💯

  32. Avatar

    “Your storage with those daddy issues” said every anime dad ever

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