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Doorbell cam captures moment Paul Milgrom finds out he has won the Nobel prize for economics

US academic Robert Wilson had to walk across the street at 2am in the morning to deliver the news to his fellow Stanford University colleague Paul Milgrom that the two had won the 2020 Nobel prize for economics. Milgrom had his phone on silent mode, prompting his neighbour to step outside and deliver the news in person. ‘I was asleep and the doorbell rang at 2 in the morning. And then I picked up the phone – it’s a video doorbell. And I saw Bob’s face and he was knocking at the door, telling me that they were trying to call me and that we had won a Nobel Prize, which is pretty, pretty good news,’ Milgrom told Reuters. The pair won the prize for work on auctions hailed as benefiting buyers and sellers around the world of everything from fishing quotas to aircraft landing slots

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  1. Avatar

    😆 Trump thought he was going to win one !

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    They couldn’t wait to call him until the morning? It’s not like his house was on fire. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    I hear a white man just won the Nobel prize for Physics, lol. When was the last time a black won it?

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    Awwww hahahaha I would do the same thing but go running like crazy saying he's just won the Nobel Prize 😋

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    That is PRICELESS

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    They won't wait until the next morning to get in touch…?

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    Would love to see evidence of intelligence in this world at the moment.

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    JuanJulio Jamirez

    Fckn Racists

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    So this is the guy what did he do ?

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    Use that prize money to buy better intercom

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    Omg imagine sharing a Nobel prize with your neighbour 😄

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    Old racist senile white people.

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    Should have just sent a letter!!! LOL

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    If I saw an old couple knocking on my door like crazy in the midst of the night, I would thought they are possessed or something and release the dog.

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    Fowzie Smith-Tahir

    What a way to stalk someone. Ring, knock knock, ring, peer in window, knock, ring. The guy isn’t coming to the door, get the hint 😄

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    US game theory specialists win Nobel prize in economics ► https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/oct/12/us-game-theory-specialists-win-nobel-prize-in-economics

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    When Norwegian politician has put Mr Trump's name forward for the 2021 prize, citing the president's role in the recent peace deal , Nobel Price means nothing to me from that moment. They should let Trump win so he can use winning price to pay some of $420million his personal debt rather than cooking his company book with his personal advisor/ daughter lol

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    Should've showed up like Publishers Clearing House with a giant Nobel Prize and party horns.

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    That's probably the best news ever being transmitted over intercom
    edit: no never mind, "Your pizza has arrived" beats it

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    Wow maybe he can buy a new door bell with the prize money

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    gracious, funny, natural, and neighbor/colleague spirit all in one.

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    I did this same prank to my neighbor once. Why didn't you guys shoot the reveal?

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