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Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging, Here’s Why

Smartphones are everywhere and can do a lot of things, even a few that they probably shouldn’t. In the meantime, to keep you surfing the web in safety, we’ve collected a list of other things you should never do with your phone, laptop, or other devices.

Di you know, for example, why you shouldn’t keep your phone in your back pocket? Or why you should avoid tilting your laptop while the disk is spinning? Or what can happen to your laptop if you leave it in a hot car? So, we’re going to discuss all these things, and much more!

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Using cheap chargers 0:30
Ignoring updates 1:12
Leaving Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on 1:45
Using public Wi-Fi 2:17
Leaving your phone unlocked 3:03
Eating or drinking near your laptop 3:28
Keeping your phone in your back pocket 4:01
Leaving disks in your laptop 4:36
Letting your phone overheat 5:08
Leaving your laptop in your car 5:58
Using your phone when it’s charging 6:33
Never turning it off 7:16
Putting your laptop on your bed 7:41
Using counterfeit SD cards 8:25
Installing apps from unknown sources 9:03

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