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‘Don't be afraid of it’: Trump removes mask as he returns to White House

Donald Trump has returned to the White House following his hospital stay at the Walter Reed Medical Center. He removed his surgical mask on the White House balcony and recorded a video message telling people not to be afraid of Covid-19. ‘Don’t let it dominate you, don’t be afraid of it, you’re going to beat it,’ the US president said. ‘I know there’s a risk, there’s a danger but that’s OK’. He suggested he may now be immune to the disease though he added he did not know. 
Donald Trump leaves hospital as Covid-19 treatment continues – live

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  1. Avatar

    (It’s Iam iam iam I’ve got best medicine i’ve got best doctors I don’t know maybe iam immuned)so don’t be afraid rip your mask off and find yourself best doctors medicines for 100,000 dollars 💵 and and then the will go toward the PM trump Free health care for not wearing mask and not following safety procedures.

  2. Avatar

    He da man..
    And he is not backward at saying so..lol
    Still it proves we dont need gates vax. Or any rona vax.

  3. Avatar

    One in a hundred of infected dies from covid 19. Don't underrate that number in a high populated City.
    Many of the survivors never recovered like they been before. If we listen to this man and loose control over this pandemic we will regret.

  4. Avatar

    The only world leader telling people not to be afraid whilst the rest run a non stop FEAR campaign. Trump is the leader we all need. Trump2020 Hope TRUMPS fear!

  5. Avatar

    I voted already…and it wasn't for the super spreader in the White House.

  6. Avatar

    my ex had covid and he definitely isn't afraid of it – no, because he died 5 days after being released from the hospital. so he won't be afraid of anything ever again. our orange one is a psychopath.

  7. Avatar

    bless all our leaders

  8. Avatar

    The boss is back 🙌

  9. Avatar

    Antivirals slow the speed of all viruses giving your immune systems time to kick in and fight virus..they also are carrier's of zinc deep into the nucleus of the cells .
    Zinc literally melts the virus outter walls killing it…
    But zinc cannot enter the cells without an antiviral ..

  10. Avatar

    "Don't be afraid" he says as he gasps for air…

  11. Avatar

    obviously a clone, tf

  12. Avatar

    Tell that to the 200 000 that died from it (with terrible healthcare) on your watch

  13. Avatar
    Lissa Cabler Ware

    His staff and photographers were not wearing masks on his arrival upstairs. He is still contagious. His voice sounds off.

  14. Avatar

    Covid-19 is the least of my worries, government targeting the economy and my freedoms on the other hand are a big worry.

  15. Avatar
    WhiteTiger彡 Channel

    Trump face looks Worried Hes not ok I can see his face reaction hopes he's ok about his health . Trump the best ever always show strong even though he had sickness 😢😢😢🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Avatar

    Covid is a mild flu.

  17. Avatar

    Is he telling people what they want to hear? Especially right before the next election too.. extremely quick recovery, hmmm 🤔 political stunt maybe?

  18. Avatar

    Danger to everyone else

  19. Avatar

    Lool trumps playing life on easy mode

  20. Avatar

    Remdisivir has been around since 2009…

  21. Avatar

    And there it's ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate stunt …..

  22. Avatar

    He had coronavirus for 4 days

  23. Avatar
    Shirley Sambrano


  24. Avatar

    Have america heard of 'Long Covid' look it up & decide if you have finances to cover the care & meds you'll need long term!

  25. Avatar

    I love you Trump 😘❤❤❤

  26. Avatar

    There is no natural immunity. Research shows that if you develop any at all it last three months at most, that's why a vaccine is needed!😷😷😷😷

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    Pakistani brown woman vlog In UK Official

    USA deserves Trump, why should only we in third world suffer from developed world intervention and liets.

  28. Avatar

    Here Here TRUMPeter ✅ ⚖️ 🎯 🎩 🌈.

  29. Avatar

    Why is he saluting? He’s not in the military.

  30. Avatar

    Seriously? Knows he put others in danger, that's okay and thinks he is immune!! DOH!

  31. Avatar

    The Kim Jong un of the West thinks he's maybe immune to the virus 👍

  32. Avatar

    Somebody needs to explain to Trump that the healthcare Trump receives, that US tax payers pay for, is not available nor an option to US tax payers, the everyday folks which Trump isn’t….

    Trump’s right eye is almost completely shut, that is a little weird, what “COVID-19 meds” does that…?

  33. Avatar

    That mf better stay far away from me in the white house

  34. Avatar

    Save us from these maniacs trump

  35. Avatar

    It’s all theatre!

  36. Avatar

    He said “I feel better than I did 20 years ago” of course he does he is pumped full of steroids, there is such a thing called steroid Psychosis just don't let him near any red buttons.He really should still be in quarantine

  37. Avatar
    conscious thought

    Nut Job!

  38. Avatar

    Yeah right, I expect to be cured if few millions were spent to getting fixed.

  39. Avatar

    I saw an actual car crash tonight that wasn't as bad as that incoherent, narcissistic rambling.

  40. Avatar

    Ha ha ha .what a joke best ever

  41. Avatar

    Remember the 211.000 dead fellow Americans Nov 3rd.

  42. Avatar
    Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V.

    He's pale and thinner!!! He looks tired🤨

  43. Avatar

    Don't be afraid to pass it on to others.

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