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Donald Trump's niece Mary has written a book about his 'cruel, bizarre behaviour'

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump has written about book about her uncle, to tell voters about his ‘serious, psychological disorders’.

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  1. Avatar

    he's pig headed swag and arrogant like most Americans, God will humble the exalted, and exhalt the humble.!

  2. Avatar

    She need pp knowmsayin

  3. Avatar

    Someone’s family who is angry at them is not a reliable source

  4. Avatar

    ReportedlyTrump owes the IRS over 100 Million in back taxes. There's a reason he's hiding his tax returns!

  5. Avatar

    That a bit extreme to say that someone would wish to have their knee on someone and eventually killing them. Weird she doesn’t respond to that quote?

  6. Avatar

    I guess she saw Trump's a crook.

  7. Avatar

    He.knows it's all lies and bullshit. Covid 1984. What a snake of a neice u are

  8. Avatar
    Singularity Bound

    The way she speaks is utter BS. Ohhhh look what the niece has to say… and what about the grandmother against her? around and around it goes.
    The real shame is media or well in your case Soros media.

  9. Avatar
    Drax The Destroyer

    Maybe she's just jealous because he's never gave her handouts.

  10. Avatar

    Who cares mary go to bed

  11. Avatar

    Hope she doesn't catch some covid soon mysteriously…

  12. Avatar
    The b4d Channel #TBC

    Not American here, but out of curiosity…. If Trump is so problematic, why no one brings dirt from his past?… I mean all I know as a media consumer is that he was a successful man who became president and is being criticized a lot like this is his single and only biggest mistake, becoming president.

  13. Avatar

    Don Trump…the new Messiah…hallelujah…!!!🤣

  14. Avatar

    I inhale lysol and inject disinfectant and drink bleach… Now my Covid-19 test is negative. I DESTROYED COVID-19

  15. Avatar

    Aw, I used to really like SKY News. Just another news organization that promotes Trump hating. This chic is just pist, she didn’t get family money.

  16. Avatar

    Sky news must be getting desperate to be trotting this psycho out. Bitter woman

  17. Avatar

    Does Sheldon know she wrote this book…

  18. Avatar

    It runs in the family.

  19. Avatar

    "Terrified little boy" He's going to throw one hell of a tantrum at some point!

  20. Avatar

    I am sorry Donald but your niece is a loser, she has a donkey brain.

  21. Avatar

    Is this comment section very ‘right’ or what

  22. Avatar

    Disgruntled spiteful woman

  23. Avatar

    Sky news is so anti trump it's pathetic 😂

  24. Avatar

    Apparently he wants to kneel on a black man's neck until he's dead..and if he is re elected it's the death of democracy? Lmfao 😂 like we ever had democracy in the first place! Bitter woman writes book about uncle,media give her a voice just before election time 😂

  25. Avatar

    that woman crazy the eyes give it away crazy crazy crazy

  26. Avatar

    Biden 2020 get him in because Harry Dunn needs justice to bring the American woman who killed him to the UK and face her justice she won't ever go back to the UK under Trump because he's protecting the killer

  27. Avatar

    Shameless attention whore. Why didn’t she come out in 2016?

  28. Avatar

    Obviously bitter that Donald stopped giving her free stuff

  29. Avatar

    I wonder which body part smells like trump's fingers.

  30. Avatar

    Well it looks to me like we got another 2016 on our hands.

  31. Avatar

    How much she being paid to speak about her uncle like this?

  32. Avatar

    Well done Mary!

  33. Avatar
    Lisa Constantinou

    No family loyalty

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