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Donald Trump to return to campaign trail amid questions over health

With only three and a half weeks before the election it has been another extraordinary day in Washington, where the recently infected president declared he was going to hit the campaign again. (Subscribe:

It has only been eight days since he was tested positive for Covid and four days since he left hospital.

This as Michigan’s governor lashed out at Donald Trump accusing him of legitimising white Supremacists after the FBI foiled an attack against her planned by a right-wing militia group.
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  1. Avatar

    excellent report
    covidiot traitor trump
    VOTE HIM OUT then

  2. Avatar

    I thought American news media was bad, but this is horseshit reporting, too.

  3. Avatar

    But these guys are with ANTIFA

  4. Avatar

    He is killing people he is projecting everywhere lies oppression everywhere and courption covid-19 he is sick

  5. Avatar

    The White House needing a deep clean is a fitting end to Asset Orange's presidency.
    That comment bothers the Russian woman with all the sockpuppets. K NT. Her.

  6. Avatar

    He's so hopped up on steroids, that he's on a big ego trip. He needs to stay quarantined in the White House.
    No, medically he's not fit to go out campaigning. Should have stayed in the hospital, where he could be properly treated. No way is he fit, when he tested positive a week ago.

  7. Avatar

    More bias reporting from the Marxists at ch4….

  8. Avatar

    Ch4 needs a deep clean – there’s a whiff of Marxism coming from the newsroom…

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  10. Avatar

    There is this theory that Trump's missing campaign money has gone to a very deserving cause. Would anyone scam their own campaign?

  11. Avatar

    I see democrats must own this news outlet!!

    Lay oft my President!!
    Trump 2020 🗽🇺🇸

  12. Avatar

    Trumps is coughing on Hannity live and it's sounds covid 19.

  13. Avatar

    Takes crazy to know crazy? 🙄

  14. Avatar
    Donald duck trump the commie don

    Trump king of the bagel eaters

  15. Avatar

    Hes more dangerous than covid 19 he was never sick a publicity stunt

  16. Avatar

    Trump and his family have been insane their entire lives insane sociopath

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    The actual number of Russians shitposting al over this channel is lower than you might expect – but they make a lot of noise when they do and from various accounts!

  19. Avatar

    Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖💋💞



  20. Avatar

    Puppet regime potus.

  21. Avatar

    The 25th A is being brought up to replace Joe.
    This is all planned.

  22. Avatar

    He’s the absolute worst.

  23. Avatar

    Not a Trump supporter but she doesn't exactly come across very fit for office herself

  24. Avatar

    Anyone attending Trump rallies can apply for a pint of Trump's miracle blood .

  25. Avatar

    She was looking at the 25th amendment for BIDEN not Trump.

  26. Avatar

    The White House needing a deep clean is a fitting end to Asset Orange's presidency.
    That comment bothers the Russian woman with all the sockpuppets. K NT. Her.

  27. Avatar

    They were not right wing, one had a Antifa flag on his Facebook video. Trump is not a white supremacist no matter how many times you LIE on fake news!

  28. Avatar

    Trump is having an emotional breakdown for the world to see. This is sad. He’s sick with COVID, on roids, 74 and obese. 🇺🇸

    Listen to Trump lie about his testing: 1:29. 😆😆 they cut off the audio. He starts coughing and then says “they found some of the virus.. maybe they found a little.. likely they didn’t find any at all.” Lol. Whaaat?? 😆

  29. Avatar

    He is NOT erratic more lies from fake news!

  30. Avatar
    Carlos Henrique dos Reis Araújo

    trump is more dangerous than all the terrorists together

  31. Avatar

    You all are crazy, Joe can’t form sentences and smells little girls, perhaps him or Nancy the Lush should be checked out.

  32. Avatar

    Mass rallies is the way to get under Nancy's skin!

  33. Avatar

    Pelosi is the devils daughter, she is pure evil.

  34. Avatar

    Yes he tweeted several times

  35. Avatar

    The right wing idiots are not Republicans, they denounce President Trump too. Quit spreading fake news .

  36. Avatar

    Trump's supporters will believe him and go anyway. He has them all believing if he loses its because of corrupt election but if he loses it is corruption on the democratic side. The comments by his supporters are just scary thinking they aren't sheep. They hold so much fear if he loses they will all show up at the WH, armed amd ready to keep him there. So sad.

  37. Avatar

    Trump doesn't mind infecting his entire base if it means he gets re-elected.

  38. Avatar


  39. Avatar

    Also, not all teump supporters are white supremacists yet seems all white supremacists are supporting him. None of them on the democratic side, why the Republicans support this movement by doing nothing is just wrong.

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