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Donald Trump received oxygen at least twice since Covid-19 illness

Donald Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley said the president experienced two drops in oxygen levels and needed to be given supplemental oxygen two times since becoming ill on Thursday
Conley said he had been upbeat about the president’s health to no ‘steer the course of the illness’ but it had appeared the team had tried to be evasive
Another member of the team, Dr Brian Garabaldi, said the president may be released as early as tomorrow

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  1. Avatar

    I feel sorry for the Virus.

  2. Avatar

    Uh. Uh. Uh. Got caught lying to the American People ‼️ Secrecy breeds distrust.

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    this comment section will be disabled in approximately 1 hour because Guardian news can't handle a few insults and a little bit of sarcasm.

  4. Avatar

    They’ll be cloning the President’s nose soon, aka The Sleeper

  5. Avatar

    So younger these great excellent Doctors.

  6. Avatar

    I am so confused.

  7. Avatar

    😳🤢 Personally, I like President's who weren't infected! 🤮😷🎯

  8. Avatar

    “….and it came off like we were trying to hide something but it wasn’t NECESSARILY true.” Lol, where did they find this Conley guy? Everything about his squirming, smarmy body language is skirting around some truth. 😂

  9. Avatar

    Trump will now lie more because he literally can't smell his own BS

  10. Avatar

    Get well sooon💖

  11. Avatar

    So they lied like they always do. How are we supposed to believe anything coming from this administration?

  12. Avatar

    Great to see the commitment to detail from the Gurdian. Now how about ONE decent article on the Julian Assange trial??

  13. Avatar

    Give him a Disinfectant injection as he desired. 😂😂

  14. Avatar

    Dr. suggested it to Trump to use supplemental oxygen but it was not needed eventually.
    Your title was incorrect.

  15. Avatar

    They made it all about his health. Can't help but feel they put a spin to the fact that he got what he deserved and everybody thinks so!

  16. Avatar
    Victoria Williams

    When your oxygen levels drop your heart works harder trying to raise 02 levels. This causes fatigue. It can feel like you ran a marathon when doing nothing. I know from experience.

  17. Avatar

    I think Trump will die at Friday

  18. Avatar

    I wonder who wrote what the doctor is reading….. if this is the doctor's account, why does he need to read it?

  19. Avatar

    It’ll be the greatest recovery in the history of this illness, if not all illnesses.

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    Brainstorming Plus

    As we all know, Trump told people to drink or/and inject bleach, so, is he drinking the bleach that he recommended to people ❓❓❓❓❓

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    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️




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    Not sure how giving information can steer the illness of somebody in a direction. Overall the reporting of Trump's COVID, I might even say 'so called' COVID in an inconsistent manner throws doubt on exactly what the truth is.

  23. Avatar

    As a survival of this disease there is no reason for the president to play it down. You want your citizens to know the truth so they can better protect themselves. Extending the same sympathy he extends to the victims of Covid-19

  24. Avatar

    Is trump a freemason like boris johnson and prince charles?🤔

  25. Avatar

    "Didn’t want to give any information that might steer the course of illness in another direction." This guy has obvious problems with the truth and/or the scope of the placebo effect.

  26. Avatar

    If this obese old man can survive this super duper deadly virus so easily then what has all the fuss been about?

  27. Avatar

    All the people directing hate at your president will help him get re-elected.

  28. Avatar

    Trump will be home tomorrow.

  29. Avatar

    This first doc is super shifty.

  30. Avatar

    First doc, he had a fever.
    Second doc, he never had a fever.
    Third, he can be discharged tomorrow.

  31. Avatar

    … still not believing this – these are actors …

  32. Avatar

    0:01 I keep thinking that it's Peter Gibbons from Office Space (1999).

  33. Avatar

    1:09 Smooth dance moves with his right arm.

  34. Avatar

    Doctors' generic white coats are intended for hygiene and cleanliness.
    We can only wonder at the committment and priorities of those who expend time and effort on having theirs embroidered and decorated!

  35. Avatar

    Why is he reading about his own concerns?

  36. Avatar

    These doctors are being forced to lie to the American people so tRump can hide!! tRump does not have COVID-19, he has COLDFEET-20.

  37. Avatar

    There is no pandemic.
    Dr Vernon Coleman

  38. Avatar

    Please be ok, if Biden wins the communists will destroy America.

  39. Avatar

    So Americans can't trust that doctor team to tell the truth, got it.

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