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Donald Trump met with boos and cheers at UFC fight in New York

The US president drew a mixed response at a UFC match at a raucous Madison Square Garden on Saturday. Both loud boos and cheers could be heard as Donald Trump, joined by his sons, Donald Jr and Eric, as well as several congressional Republicans, took his seat ahead of the MMA event
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Donald Trump: president met with boos and cheers at UFC fights in New York ►

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  1. Avatar

    Donald Trump: president met with boos and cheers at UFC fights in New York ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/nov/03/donald-trump-ufc-244-new-york

  2. Avatar
    Somewhere Nearyou

    Sounds like more cheers !
    I’m sure the Brazilians were worried they’d get deported. Fighters love trump

  3. Avatar

    Sounded more like cheers than boos to me

  4. Avatar

    Love him or hate him. It’s always awesome seeing the president attending sports events

  5. Avatar

    A beautiful country where you can hear both boos and cheers for the leader of the nation

  6. Avatar

    Yeah – I hear mostly cheers.

  7. Avatar

    LOL. I dont hear any boos at all, maybe one out of the crowd… wishful thinking… too much CNN people

  8. Avatar

    It’s new york

  9. Avatar

    Trump has helped NY so much

  10. Avatar

    Boo boo boo get out of here your being disrespectful.

  11. Avatar

    Ain't no place for greenhead leftist scumbags right there

  12. Avatar

    Well thanks to trump ufc is what it is today, i am sure ufc would have blown up either way but he hosted first ever ufc event.

  13. Avatar

    I actually told people to boo Trump.

  14. Avatar

    All cheers. Lol.

  15. Avatar
    ChristiSheaDeplorable Coffee

    99%were cheers

  16. Avatar
    ChristiSheaDeplorable Coffee

    Liberal hacks

  17. Avatar

    Shouldn't this be his base at a UFC match. Damn!

  18. Avatar
    Lil, Charmander

    He later went home and got in his big boy Pjs and tweeted ….. "The crowd went nuts! They all loved me, the biggest crowd to have ever existed for sure!"

  19. Avatar
    Dominick Sforza

    Is my hearing going?? I heard only cheers, and it got louder when all the people saw him. Our "silent" majority making noise cheering for President Trump and the stones he has to fight these liberal scumbags every minute of every day. If that witch won the country we grew up in was over. He has my gratitude and support for what he's doing, can anyone tell me why "America first" controversial?!? If American well being isn't what any of these libs want they need to be voted out.

  20. Avatar

    There's like 3 people booing.

  21. Avatar
    Solve Et Coagula 2047

    And that pot head rogan said 18k people boo'ed him. Liar.

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