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Donald Trump: 'I don't know who the Proud Boys are'

Speaking during the bitter presidential debate with Joe Biden, Donald Trump told the Proud Boys – classified by the FBI as an extremist group – to be on standby ahead of the US election.

After he was heavily criticised for his stance, Trump later told reporters he didn’t know who the group were.

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  1. Avatar
    Just A Sieg Heilling Monkey

    Send a picture of the guy at 2:00 to 4chan and they’ll find evidence he’s a registered Democrat within the hour.

  2. Avatar

    Lol trump and Boris make me laugh

  3. Avatar

    Biden got ruined. 3.5M from Moscow?

  4. Avatar
    CottageGarden SMITH


  5. Avatar

    Look at their masks flare with their breathing. Tell me again it doesn’t restrict airflow. Then she takes hers off 😂

  6. Avatar

    Sky news is Fake News.
    They couldn't find not 1 Trump supporter?
    That's because they didn't want to.

  7. Avatar

    Is anyone surprised racists love trump?

  8. Avatar
    Wicket T Warwick

    Until now neither did I and many others… now we do

  9. Avatar
    Christopher Robin Garrish

    Words of condemnation would mean what? Words.

  10. Avatar

    It's your racist country and your stable genius president. Good luck but stay away from the rest of the world.

  11. Avatar

    This is trash. I could easily round up 4 people who would say the opposite, so it's obviously Demo slanted.

  12. Avatar

    Sky Australia is like the oxymoron of Sky UK.

  13. Avatar

    Biden called Trump a clown, racist, xenophobic, unpresidential, a liar amongst many other slurs. Trump did not call Biden any names other than not very smart. So, yet again the left gets away with abusive, bullying language and because the right wins the argument, the right gets attacked again and no word is said about the actions and words of the left. Nobody has heard of these good boys or whatever their name is but everyone's heard of Antifa and BLM because they're the ones burning down cities and killing people. But no, apparently it's a far right problem… where are these far right people? I've never seen them!

  14. Avatar

    There’s nothing wrong with the proud boys ffs! They are normal good Americans u like the freaks on the left!

  15. Avatar

    Right wing means your Far Right now supposedly lol the irony is Far Left is the Left now.

  16. Avatar

    The media's bias reporting is so transparent and pathetic. It's like they're ok with being stupid.

  17. Avatar

    The editing on this is disgraceful. He disavowed the far right during the debate unlike Biden who said Antifa aren't real. What a joke. Non-partisan my arse

  18. Avatar

    God be with America 🇺🇸I love America 🇺🇸

  19. Avatar

    The "Southern Poverty Law Centre" is a far Left hate group corporation that sole existence is to brand Anything western traditional, caucasian or Christian as "Hate symbols" in their "Fact checks" and Database…. the SPLC Is Racist to caucasians and Christians

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