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Donald Trump has 'no coronavirus symptoms', his doctor says

Donald Trump has “had a restful first night at home” and has reported no symptoms of COVID-19 today, his White House doctor has said.

Dr Sean Conley said in a statement the President’s “vital signs and physical exam remain stable.”

Trump continued to downplay the virus on social media – which resulted in Facebook removing one of his posts because it had “incorrect information”.

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  1. Avatar

    3:00 remembers that he's got covid and shouldn't be touching a public hand rail so just taps it a few times and plays it off cool.

  2. Avatar

    FAKE NEWS Sky, still scaremongering and telling lies

  3. Avatar

    I swear he said cum hot spot at 0:30

  4. Avatar

    Discussed, if he had it like my friend has, it's to do with the election… Please get that idiot out..

  5. Avatar

    This guy is the biggest attention seeker I’ve seen 😂

  6. Avatar

    Were being lied to and this is how-100℅ proof the PCR testing kits are not fit for purpose https://youtu.be/Ljxah4NrYKU – interview with PCR inventor kary Mullis and various other medical experts

  7. Avatar

    All FAKE no corona 😂😂😂😂

  8. Avatar

    Nope. No matter how much MSM keep pushing out their1930s 🇩🇪 brain-washing tactics. Still 2+2=4 – and always will.

  9. Avatar

    Trump is a legend

  10. Avatar

    Vote 🗳 him out

  11. Avatar

    Lol where are these democrats clown who had wish ill of him.
    Trump Relected 2020

  12. Avatar

    He had no plan?

    Morons, he stopped all travel from China and was called a racist.

    He stopped travel from Europe, and was said to be over-reacting.

    He then shutdown the whole country, ruining the great economy he had just built … to try to save the lives of a vulnerable minority, that he clearly stated will likely die from the virus.

    Idiots. Over 140 000 died after the lockdowns … because millions had already been infected, due to China lying to the world about covids from Nov to Feb … which is flu season in Europe & the US.

    Trump never said Covids is the Flu. But the facts are covids is LIKE the flu in every way in terms of how it spreads, a similar vulnerable miniority … and the majority will not die if infected.

    Over 6 million have teasted positive for covids …. & ….over 6 million did not die.

    Idiots. Swine flu is not as contagious as Covids but it infected 60 million. Do the maths, morons.

    Thanks to Ghina's lies and act of war against the world… Covids is now a seasonal virus and it can never be eliminated, just as the flu can never be eliminated. Most will not die if infected with covids. Only the most vulnerable should be protecting themselves from getting covids from others. Everybody else should continue life as normal & freely make their own choice whether to mitigate or not.

    This is what TRump mean by we must now live with covids as we have done with the flu. The most vulnerable know what they must do, to protect themselves from covids. And the rest of us know that if we are healthy with no underlying medical conditions, we will not die if infected with covids, and most of us will be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms … just like the flu. Morons.

  13. Avatar

    Its all FAKE news all these time

  14. Avatar

    So now Facebook are the experts, removing a post for an opinion they don't agree with. I agree with Trump, I have the same opinion, people die from Bee or Wasp stings or the flu, yes they are dangerous as is Corvid. It is no misinformation it is an opinion. I think Michel Obama is a man, if I post that would Facebook take it down. I say cancel Facebook and let free speech and opinion thrive.

  15. Avatar

    Trump doesn't know he lying, every time he opens his mouth he lies, this is another one of his pranks, scams, even his doctor said it was insanity, in other words he is insane!! Like Boris, he is a nutter.

  16. Avatar

    He didn’t get it. He used COVID-19 as a way to get sympathy votes in the upcoming election.

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar

    What so wrong love Trump

  19. Avatar

    actually i like trump he is funny and looks nice guy he is smart he does not want war as other presidents once did i

  20. Avatar

    The Truth is coming out. Covid is no more deadly than the flu. This is all about control.

  21. Avatar

    Yeah, cuz he was gasping for air last night. He's sick AF. Dead by Nov. 3rd.

  22. Avatar

    He is nothing but a reality show loser. Not presidential, not a leader.

  23. Avatar

    Just because Trump's showing no symptoms doesn't mean he isn't still positive for the virus. Direct him right back to Quarantine.

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