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Don Lemon: Statue of Liberty would hang her head in shame

CNN’s Don Lemon responds to President Trump’s new immigration policy that would cut the number of legal immigrants allowed to enter and stay in the US. #CNN #News

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    Don sexually assaulted a male bartender, and Fredo the Pedo is a mass shooter in the making.

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    Have a dislike just for being CNN dident even watch the video

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    pervert don lemon being sued for attempted rape, FREDO having nervous meltdown, CNN propaganda machine is melting down LOL

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    LOL, look at these comments. INB4 comments and ratings disabled

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    Don hangs his head to suck a dick any dick

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    If the FBI and the rest of the government can't do the right thing and make Trump resign or leave, then my tax dollars have been wasted and i shouldn't pay any more until Donald Trump pays and releases his returns. All men created equal…. Trump pays first, then i pay.

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    I am so mad that i only have 1 dislike

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    Stop trying to change gun laws based on mass shootings…They account for 0.0000000000001% of all deaths in America. Mass shootings are a tragedy, but using them to try and take guns away from citizens is like taking cars away from EVERYONE because SOME PEOPLE drive drunk.

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    I'm a simple man, youtube recommends cnn, I click, I dislike

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    Shouldn't you be firing Don Lemon? I mean he was accused of a sexual attack? Sure no evidence has been presented but didn't you go off of all kinds of such attacks against Judge Kavanaugh demanding he was unfit for the SCOTUS (even though the allegations were decades old and there was no evidence). Oh that's right you think different rules apply to you and your hosts.

    Chris Cuomo should be fired too.

    Trump's immigration policy is based on a law already on the books for much of the last century, he's just enforcing it. It doesn't state that if you were on welfare you will be denied renewal, it does state that if you spent 12 out of the last 36 months on welfare that you are not eligible.

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    your network makes America hang it's head in shame.

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    The statue of liberty was created to celebrate FREE SLAVES NOT IMMIGRANTS! SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW LEMON RIGHT?

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    A trumptard is the real fredo.

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    yeah she would hang her head because she realised how fucked up her mind controlling companies are.

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    Hey Don, you been doing lots in public with you’re gun from the latest court documents! Sicko 🀣🀣🀣

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    Don boy ya gay as hell , buddie assaulted a male bartender lol

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    That was the most cringe worthy melodramatic overplayed load of BS I've seen today from CNN. I had to hit the mute button several times because I was actually getting red-faced embarrassed at what I was seeing. So much complete miss-characterization, skewed references. Making references to passed news reports you did that were also lies. Lies to support lies, and it's all pure conjecture and opinion. What was this totally baseless High school morning broadcast level showing of edited sound bites I just witnessed? Finishing your own ridicules lines of reasoning with out of context punchlines delivered by random clips. Anyone could do what you're doing you complete and utter fraud.

    Why πŸ‹? why?

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    Yea it's a sign on a fkn statue ..so what..one it's in New York..two it's just a saying
    and just because you may like it doesn't mean your likes dictate my life and how I'm suppose to feel
    not to mention it was a gift..so what..Lemonhead do you honestly think your
    words carry weight..you're just some douche on t.v

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    Hey Don, 'it's pull my finger', not 'smell my finger'…

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    Don Lemon Worst journalist of the year

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    This guy is poison πŸ‘Ž str8 πŸ—‘

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    Boo! Such a bad reporter! Idc WTF u say

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    I rarely click on a CNN video, but I hope all of them get ratio'ed like this one. What a load of garbage CNN is.

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    He just likes saying "hang" and "head"….

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    This is a circus and Trump is the ringmaster. Troll Mr. Trump. Troll. I love it.

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    How to look like a defeated journalist 101.

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    The Statue of liberty does not mean jack shit. It was a gift from a foreign country and the words were written by a foreigner. American policy is based on American citizens you parasitic Democrat idiots!

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    Trump : Lady Liberty should go back to where she came from!
    Lady Liberty :πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘‹ πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

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    what a goof…hes the real Fredo!

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    Trump is a slumlord and developer, his only policy is regentrification, he is simply continuing his slum lord policy to evict, the weakest tenants, and in this case its brown immigrants. Oh and he already has plans to go after Legal brown people. Eventually he will go after everyone who is against him.

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    Does he not just seem like a cockroach pandering for some shred of attention. Even his inflection is desperate.

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    That racist don always looks like he just swallowed a load.

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