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Don Lemon calls out Hollywood elite: Where are you during protests?

CNN’s Don Lemon calls celebrities of all races to step up a show public support for protesters demonstrating against the death of George Floyd.

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  1. Avatar

    That’s sad to see who has influence on the people.. calling out celebrities makes no sense.. that’s a stupid rant.

  2. Avatar

    Don Lemon you did everything possible to make this happen. People are dead now. Destruction!

  3. Avatar

    Disgusting watching people looting whatever happened to a peaceful protest smfh….

  4. Avatar

    Q:What's the Kardashians doing?
    A:Taking your money. 🤑

  5. Avatar

    Laughing stock of other countries 🤣🤣🤣
    What a joke!!!

  6. Avatar

    we are not in this together

  7. Avatar
    David Wilkinson

    America lost itself when you voted in Donald Trump for president. Maybe it's time for a second revolution, free yourselves from the paramilitary force you call your police and dictatorial governments.

  8. Avatar

    This is the beginning of the end…

  9. Avatar
    Edgardo Rodriguez

    It’s will be all over wen the army come in that will stop NOW

  10. Avatar

    Hollywood elites are only in it for themselves.

  11. Avatar

    When will our celebrites talk about it?

  12. Avatar

    I love this anchor

  13. Avatar

    After watching this Trump 2020

  14. Avatar

    Is Don lemon stupid? He doesn’t know what to say. You guys are the reason this happened, because u lie and disguise the real truth of America’s treatment of ADOS.

  15. Avatar
    ricky heckendorf

    Lmao this is riots not protest lmao if this we trump supporters your tone would be a hell of a lot different !!!

  16. Avatar

    Don wants from Hollywood to get out of there mansions and hit the streets with the inner city youth…actually they are very involved with Ferguson and possibly this. Sometimes the world is a stage

  17. Avatar

    This is because of the shutdown,people are in far worse financial condition than most people realize

  18. Avatar

    Trump has succeeded:

    The US is divided to the bone and is turning into total chaos. Took him 3,5 years.

  19. Avatar

    We should use voices not violence

  20. Avatar
    Genevieve Words

    Some Democratics are affiliated with Skull & Bones that are afraid of being alienated by their colleagues. That old grade school shit.

  21. Avatar

    Don, what did you think would happen? After all your race baiting? Inciting the YOUTH to violence? Do you see your job fizzling out? Do you finally see if you continue to sow division with every conservative you will continue this ushers in true communism. Not socialism, true communism. You’ll be the first to go under that system. It’s very cruel.

  22. Avatar

    trump will clean all rubbish
    trump 2020

  23. Avatar

    This country started going downhill when they started taking God out of this country.

    President Trump is the only good thing that has happened to this country since Reagan.
    Re-elect President Trump 20/20.

  24. Avatar

    We ceased to be a country because the power that be have robbed from the poor and disenfranchised people of color in this country for more than 400 years. They robbed them of their dignity their humanity. The society has failed the poor time and again without care. When it part of a society u have a contract with it. And if those powers, laws, institutions dont value you, dont give u justice dont give you equality and then continue to screw you over, what incentive do you have to honor those laws that kill you and make you less than human

  25. Avatar
    Robin bottieri

    When we elected trump.. That was the end of life as we know it

  26. Avatar

    That looters must be stupid to put his loot into his car with clear number plate and drive away!

  27. Avatar
    Paula Gandolfo

    We are all americans

  28. Avatar

    This is good. Impressed by CNN here.

  29. Avatar
    Michael Kendzior

    Rioting for the day, the pandemic response that has caused millions to suffer. Rioting for tomorrow watching trillions given to corporations while Americans get nothing.
    The Scumbag republicans have caused the death of a country.

  30. Avatar

    Lemon makes $10 mill a year, go f yourself Don!

  31. Avatar

    I was thinking pretty much the same when this all started.

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