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Don Jr. sounds off on declassified Russia docs: 'We knew all along'

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., reacts to the declassification of former CIA Director John Brennan’s notes on ‘Fox & Friends.’

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  1. Avatar

    What a fakenews….debunked boy the emperor himself in his second tweet….there is nothing there to disclose…..what a moron

  2. Avatar

    He lies just like his pappy


  3. Avatar

    liars lie and cheaters cheat….please vote and let your voice ring out so loud that it could be heard for generations

  4. Avatar

    We all know this guy is full of bs. I guess Mueller report and senate intel committee report didn’t say anything about ruskies and the campaign

  5. Avatar

    Thank God for REAL & sincere people. Love the Trump family.

  6. Avatar

    He needs to get him some coke and calm down a bit

  7. Avatar

    I'm glad Trump jr. tells it like it is.
    These bastards all knew what was going on the whole time.
    The deep state will stop at nothing to remove Trump and get a puppet back in the White House.
    We can't let that happen.
    Trump 2020

  8. Avatar

    Can’t wait to see his expression November 4th.


  9. Avatar

    Trump has been treated so unfairly.
    These democrat criminals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

  10. Avatar

    It shouldn’t be allowed to employ family members in White House

  11. Avatar

    Donny the loser


  12. Avatar

    Trump 2020 will take back the house, the Senate things will get alot better without Pelosi and also gives Trump more time to drain the rest of the swamps.

  13. Avatar

    He needs another line of coke.


  14. Avatar

    Don Jr. says it like it is!

  15. Avatar

    Trump's a liar!

  16. Avatar

    Always sniveling. Never does he have solutions


  17. Avatar

    Ha ha haha. That was funny


  18. Avatar

    Well said! Don junior is amazing 🤩

  19. Avatar

    When will we see some enforcement of our laws with regard to the treasonous acts of the left?

  20. Avatar

    Now I understand why his lovely wife left this loser


  21. Avatar
    Matthew Dinsdale

    Don Jr. 2024 !

  22. Avatar

    Only thing he knows what to do is attack people.


  23. Avatar

    Another Trump monster


  24. Avatar

    he Republican Senate Intelligence Investigation concluded what we knew all along. That the Russians helped Trump win in 2016. Wikileaks, Manafort, Stone and Trump were all in on the Con. And even now the Russians are sowing their propaganda through Republican Senators like Collins and Meadows. Donny Jr. should read the Rep. Sen. report.

  25. Avatar

    Trump did nothing to crooked Hillary or Comey. You guys are losers.


  26. Avatar

    You should have locked Hillary up you loser.


  27. Avatar

    Hillary is free and you will soon be in jail you idiots.


  28. Avatar

    Hillary beat you losers.


  29. Avatar

    Hillary was wrong input your daddy did nothing to her only complained like you do


  30. Avatar

    You had the chance to lock Hillary up but you failed you losers


  31. Avatar

    We all know pitiful Harris will have some well-rehearsed zingers for the fake liberal media

  32. Avatar
    Wheels, Wings and Rotors

    I predict another Bush Sr and Bush Jr here.. Trump Jr will be president eventually.

  33. Avatar

    Trump's off the wall! He just remembered he had already declassified the documents "long ago" and nothing was done about it! What a joke! LOL

  34. Avatar
    Victor Mawhinney

    President Trump’s son is out every day supporting his father
    Joe Biden..where is Hunter , is he in Russia…is he in China , or is in hiding till the election is over .

  35. Avatar

    President Donald Trump must have faced his greatest fear this Fall, because from what I understand he was a germaphobe….an avid hand-washer…..which is why his kids rarely or ever saw him sick. When he finally did get sick, it was none other than Coronavirus! So his greatest fear has been realized, he and the medical team beat it, and he's even more FEARLESS than ever….and more loved, which the LEFT hates.

  36. Avatar

    Great to see REAL REPUBLICANS,finally get a spine and voting against trump sychophant senators and deadhead mayors,4 years of incompetence,lies,division and corruption finally going in november.lets hope we get some "UNTOUCHABLES" in the justice dept,and put these criminals in prison,rep or dem.

  37. Avatar

    Obama and Clinton must pay they can't get away with this this is insane what they have done to our president just shameful 🙄

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