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Dominic Cummings faces new claims of more breaches of lockdown rules – BBC News

Boris Johnson’s top adviser Dominic Cummings is facing new allegations that he committed further breaches of the government’s lockdown rules.

Mr Cummings was already facing calls for his resignation after admitting travelling more than 250 miles with his wife, who had suspected coronavirus infection, to County Durham.

Now there are new claims that he left the home where he was staying in Durham and was seen by witnesses visiting a town 30 miles away.

Mr Cummings has said he went to Durham with his wife and child to be close to relatives while in lockdown. Downing Street had earlier insisted that he acted within the lockdown rules.

Mr Cummings has been unapologetic, saying he had done the right thing, and had behaved reasonably and legally. Cabinet ministers have backed him and said he has Boris Johnson’s full support.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News reporting from Political Correspondent Iain Watson.

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  1. Avatar

    Let us form a brutal mob and punish him and his disgusting family

  2. Avatar

    Good for the goose but not for the gander

  3. Avatar

    i will travel tomorrow 333 miles to my family to look after my 2 kids

  4. Avatar

    When are the people of this country going to stop giving unlimited credence to the media band wagon. Cummings and his wife were sick and therefore worried about their four year old child should things go tits up so they went to family which is what family’s do by instinct. It might not be 100% by the book, probably a panic reaction. I’m no Tory lover but seriously people! Now the country has stopped gratuitously clapping for the NHS can we at least rationally analyse things then decide whether or not to burn somebody at the stake. The media in this country is as dangerous as Covid 19. At least the disease will limit itself out of existence. The media like the poor is always with us and should be treated with distrust and distain at almost every turn. Ah what the hell, off with his head. Baa Baa.

  5. Avatar

    fuck lockdown

  6. Avatar

    The reality is that the wife had Corona virus so the husband and child were already exposed to it and decided to travel as a family group who reside together in their own car which had only themselves in it. It doesn’t matter if they traveled five miles or more, if they didn’t stop and contact, kiss, hug, other people. On arrival at their location they did not enter the residence of other extended family members instead they settled in a house, probably their main home as London is not really their home, and self isolated. The reason they did this was to have a nearby relative take care of the four year old child if they were unable to care for him because they were too ill. The child could of course spread the virus to his aunt in a different residence if he had it, and had to go there because his parents were seriously ill, but what is the alternative? Is it call social workers to remove the child, and the arrival of masked strangers to take the 4 year old away. Then what do they do with him? Do they lock him up in a room and tell him to grin and bear it? Facts are if single mothers ( one was interviewed) choose to struggle out of their bed when they are seriously ill with Corona, to feed, wash, and care for their child, that’s stupid, because if the woman’s child was a infant, he was in danger on his own with a very sick mother, and l mean not from catching the virus but from wandering around, hunting in cupboards, using wet hands to put on the tv, setting fire to the house, perhaps. Cummings did the right thing, single mummy did the wrong thing. She should have traveled to be near her relatives, and entered isolation in a relative’s bedroom or dining room. If she had family to go to who could help her and support her child, that’s what she should have done as that’s common sense. If her relatives couldn’t accommodate her, she was free to phone social workers and have them arrive at her house wearing masks to remove her child because she was too ill to care for the infant. If anyone was on a camping holiday in a little tent with their child or indeed on their own when lockdown rules came in are these media people and Scots Nat Leaders really suggesting that the person had to remain their for weeks, months of lockdown and not go home?? If an excuse can be found for the camper, then the same excuse goes for Cummings! And the fact that his abode in London wasn’t a tent makes no difference. The NHS chief broke the rules travelling to and fro to her holiday home, not far from her Edinburgh residence, but she entered her second home where her elderly parents were in residence. that was quite a different situation.

  7. Avatar

    There seems to be an urgent Race NOW on to see who will be the first one to bring down this pathetic Con Government, for will it be Boris or his Boss Cummings?
    The next few days will tell.

  8. Avatar

    More BBC propaganda

  9. Avatar

    What an unfortunate last name…
    I'd feel bad for him if he wasn't such a hypocrite.

  10. Avatar

    Look at all the lefties congregating together with their biased BBC to make it all sound like he's morally the same as a serial killer, seriously have you heard yourselves. No wonder the liberal left had the worst election results in modern history, when you drop all common sense and logical reasoning to just score political points you get your arse kicked but clearly some have not learnt.

  11. Avatar

    Load of boll ox , Total let down

  12. Avatar
    Eric Yiheng Liu


  13. Avatar
    Deshawn Terrell

    No one gives a shit wtf this bloke did, I mean david next door has been meeting prostitutes for the last few months.

  14. Avatar

    Our PM needs Dominic Cummings and I think he has nothing wrong.
    I think people are being moralists and judging Mr and Mrs Cummings who want their own family to look after their four year son.
    I want this government to be successful. Boris needs Dominic Cummings for this government to be successful.
    Can the media leave Mr Cummings alone please?

  15. Avatar

    More Claims here !!!! :

  16. Avatar

    if Cummings cant look after his kid he shouldnt of had one

  17. Avatar
    Egert Shildren

    Cancel this man, you didn’t elect him yet he rules over us more than Boris Johnson

  18. Avatar

    Bombing run complete… Target Destroyed, Over.
    More Claims here !!!! : @

  19. Avatar

    The reporters obviously never heard of the virus – but that's okay.

  20. Avatar

    BBC – the CNN of Europe.

  21. Avatar
    Ishmael Forester

    People are relatively missing the point. Now think about it. If this disease was really as potent and as dangerous as we have been told, and the lockdown was really that necessary, would people in his position be that mobile? Of course not. We've been lied to from the beginning. This again exposes the utter criminal scandal of the lockdown. Forget about Cummings, we have to ask serious questions about our whole establishment. The whole thing has been a scam, if you ask me.

  22. Avatar

    If my partner showed symptons of Corona,I wouldn't Lockdown with that person either

  23. Avatar

    You can see why the divided UK's covid response has been so pathetic. It's looking increasingly like a 3rd world country.

  24. Avatar

    Haters gotta hate…sad.

  25. Avatar
    Alastair Barkley

    A 13 year old died alone in a London hospital because his parents were forced to observe the lockdown regulations – and stay home. Thirteen years old, FFS!
    And this little shitbag weazel Cummings ignored the rules with some absurd, flimsy nonsense about 'looking after his child'.
    And our government of shitbag weazels first says the Cummings disgrace is 'fake news', then that he acted 'lawfullly and reasonably' and finally that it's no big deal anyway.
    Please, no 'taking back control' bollox. This affair is an insult to every citizen who's suffered by doing his or her duty in the pandemic and a slap in the face by a government that couldn't care less about anybody but themselves.

  26. Avatar

    Ugg, these people just want to be upset

  27. Avatar

    Please let Dianne Abbott be the next one to be caught out.

  28. Avatar

    Get rid of State or State will get rid of you, but not before robbing you blind.

  29. Avatar

    Got to be sacked bloody idiot!

  30. Avatar
    Eloquently Emma

    Whatever you think about the Scottish governments approach to all of this, at least when the governments medical adviser broke the rules and got caught, she resigned. Dominic should resign as well – especially as it was the Scottish tories who made the most fuss.

  31. Avatar

    This is the EXACT reason why it’s taking the world so long to recover. People are out traveling, not self isolating, hanging with lots of family, and they think when there Sick it’s just a cold 🤦‍♂️

  32. Avatar

    Did the BBC run out of things to make news about? Let him be… feels like watching TMZ

  33. Avatar

    The absolute brass neck and arrogance to berate press about social distance as he was approached. In his world we are the minions and obey the rules and not question the ruling class. same thing happened in Scotland with government medical advisor, she got the push, it's inevitable this guy goes or boris and his lock down is in danger of many making same interpretation of rules. open and shut case, no argument. where is piers Morgan when he is needed

  34. Avatar

    He’s always unapologetic !

  35. Avatar
    Md. Mustafizur Rahman

    Our nation has lot of respect to all our hardworking MP and Ministers. But in this crucial pandemic time they have to double their sacrifices. If our fellow citizens doesn’t maintain the rules what happen? So now question is how Tori legally approve it.

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