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Does Huawei’s 5G Pose A National Security Threat? | NBC Nightly News

The tech giant is spending billions to gain the edge in 5G, the next-generation wireless network, but the U.S. worries Huawei’s equipment may have malicious “backdoors” for China’s government to “spy.” We have a rare look inside the secretive company.

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Does Huawei’s 5G Pose A National Security Threat? | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    Wouldn't have one even if you tried to give it to me.

  2. Avatar

    They are right not to trust them. The communists party doesn't have a good record.

  3. Avatar

    It does to think otherwise is just nuts.

  4. Avatar

    t's funny that FBI can wire-tap anybody in America, the government can use anything against you in court (per Snowden), but Huawei is not in this country and yet the US is fearful about them, calling them a "National Security Threat"?

  5. Avatar

    Huawei is run by the Chinese communist party

  6. Avatar

    Of course stupid question maker.

  7. Avatar

    The nerve of them only the United States have the right to spy on other people and Countries.

  8. Avatar

    To be honest if People can create a network and they are already taking over large amounts of stocks and shares in Businesses with another Country. More than likely they are going to create some kind of technology to keep them ahead of the competition. People become billionaires in many ways. A lot of ways are not going to be the best way but a way to get them ahead. There has been many People that have started up their Companies in America and have advantages with devices that they create to give them that advantage. I know those obvious facts are not being doubted. These facts are too transparent.

  9. Avatar

    All chinese companies are an extension of the chinese military. Any companies that have submitted to chinese communist government should ve supspect of being part of the chinese military.

  10. Avatar

    In the United States law is legislated by the people, US citizens follow. In China law is made by the CCP, Chinese people listen and obey.

  11. Avatar

    Yaeh!!! China save us from Google/Microsoft/snapple.

  12. Avatar

    The United State Inc. can take over ALL communications, TV and internet in the usa too, and your point was?

  13. Avatar

    Trump is warning us , I saw a movie about gaggle 🌚

  14. Avatar

    US government is afraid that China will control Huawei as US Government is controlling Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Shame on white people

  15. Avatar

    As you immediately think you are on Russia Today, but realize you are on NBC …

  16. Avatar

    The USA is finished, it's corrupt, divided, in debt and dysfunctional with a president that's a pathological liar and a fraud. China will bury the US economically, they already have the longest bridges, the fastest trains, the biggest hydro power stations, some of the best roads.
    The literacy rate in China is around 98%.
    Meanwhile, in the United States in 2018:
     1. 32 million adults can not read,  equal to 14% of the population.
    2. 21% of US adults read below the 5th grade level.
    3. 19% of high school graduates can not read.
    4. 85% of juveniles who interact with the juvenile court system are considered functionally illiterate.
    5. 70% of inmates in America’s prisons can not read above the fourth grade level.

  17. Avatar

    China and Huawei are using US made components inside Huawei equipments, and US afraid of Huawei spying on them? who is the paranoid here?

  18. Avatar

    Sen. Chris Van Hollen does not understand the 5 G technology. All he could do is to show the public his fear and no-base assumption(s). Sen. should ask somebody who can understand the 5G before he made the public show.

  19. Avatar

    I am trying to
    Do the best I
    Can I can to
    Subscribe to
    The channel.

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