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Does a picture really speak a thousand words? | The Pledge

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  1. Avatar

    Afua storming ahead to a racist point, I looked and didn't see anything wrong with the pic.

  2. Avatar

    I just googled black teenage images fans white teenage images and they looked the same – both hdad hedadshots and posing from waist up. They

  3. Avatar

    Racism is in the eye of the beholder. I did recognise the man nor think the picture showed him in a bad light. In fact I expected the picture of the 'mermaid' would be found to be wrong form the ladies on the panel. What a sad life to be Afua.

  4. Avatar

    I feel sorry for Afua because she sees racism everywhere she looks – even when it isn't there. Perhaps she should study the law of attraction!

  5. Avatar

    Nick Ferrari for all of his I am against seeing race in everything, is a race baiter in the lowest denominator.

  6. Avatar

    A picture can't be racist it's an material object.

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