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Doctor makes baby giggle during shots | Humankind

Who wishes they had this doctor when their babies were little? 🙋🏻‍♀️
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Noah and his mother aren’t a big fan of needles, but this doctor’s bedside manner puts everyone at ease.

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    This makes me sick 😭🤮🤮🤮🤮

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    Too bad it's got all kinds of poison in it and will change this babies DNa. I really wish ppl would research stuff before they start cramming needles into babies. Bill Gates HIMSELF DOES NOT/DID NOT VACCINATE HIS OWN CHILDREN!!!!!@

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    That doctor should get a award of year …wish all doctors cared like that !!!

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    This doctor is worth his weight in gold!
    He takes time to let the baby adjust to the prick of the needle.
    Well done!!!!

    Stay safe, stay sane, be well

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    What a WONDERFUL Doctor! Very rare to find these days! 💕

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    im trying to break out the matrix

    Awesome doctor😂👍

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    Amazing dr. Really. That's awesome.

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    So awesome that we now have a dr who loves his patients ❤🤗❤ way to go doc 👩‍🍳💙👨‍🍳

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    That's wonderful and it makes so much sense to keep the pecking in the pushing on the body and different spots so they're not aware of actually getting the injection and when they do it won't hurt as much because the other parts of the body have already been stimulated

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    xi jinping Bustin JieberTM

    There is a proxy war going on in Aserbaidschan and Armenia….

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    Awkward Occurrence Late Night Show

    Government can keep their shots. Vaccines are for the foolish who dont know "shots" never stop a disease

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    yea… this is not cute

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