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Doctor gives update on Donald Trump's condition with Covid-19 – watch live

The president’s doctor Sean Conley is expected to provide an update after Trump was hospitalized with coronavirus at Walter Reed national military medical center

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    Remdesivir treatment for Trump cost more for an average American than what Trump paid in taxes. 🇺🇸

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    What no Fauci? Awww..

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    Kevin the Pilgrim

    Rubbish choir

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    shlomo shlomowitz

    Starts at 48:20

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    He's doing very well it seems.

  6. Avatar

    these reporters are downright disrespectful.

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    Don't try to hard please

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    50:40 "Thursday he had a mild cough and some nasal congestion, fatigue"

    Thursday he was in New Jersey at a round table without a mask.

    57:37 "Thursday afternoon following news of a close contact we repeated testing AND GIVEN KINDA CLINICAL INDICATIONS WE HAD A LITTLE BIT MORE CONCERN"


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    Prayers America! May everyone get similar care and treatment.

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    As Ronald Reagan's famous words while being treated for gunshot wound from an assassination's attempt 'I hope you are all Republicans'

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    These doctors really are incredible, they speak with such a level headed with facts.

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    Moon's Youngest Sun

    Trump went from making fun of people wearing masks to contracting covid and being "asymptomatic", per his team to having mild symptoms to being treated for a possible critical situation…………in less than a week. Classic case of what goes around, comes around. Never think that you can just talk to and treat people any kind of way because it will come back to you.

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    Don't forget to give him the probiotics also! What is wrong with these reporters??? He's not on oxygen! The Dr. said it. He is working even in the hospital. He will probably go home as soon as they release him.

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    American circus par exelance!

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    He should not receive any better care than the average American can access.

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    ** Trump 2020! Get well and win!

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    Master Of Disaster

    Was it really necessary to put 10 doctors on camera?

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    Mr Trump is a Strong man… He will whip himself into shape as he did this country before the CHINA VIRUS hit!

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    Typical dumb media questions. "Is he officially a patient at the hospital"?

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    The rich never die. So nothing to worry about, kids

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    What kinda stunt is this lol. Let’s show the world I have I have more doctors than you at my beck and call, therefore”I am gonna be voted in again at the election”….”thank you”… “you’s are all wonderful people”.. “just wonderful”.

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    The reporters didn't ask about oxygen enough.

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    Bradley Harrington

    My guess is u will have no issues getting him to eat

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    Day 7-10 inflammatory spike, I learned more about covid today than on the last 6 months
    Trump is a non smoker + drinker

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    Buona guarigione presidente

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    Bradley Harrington


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    I'm. Praying for. Him. 🌸💜🌷🌹🌺💞🌼💚 and. Who ever els. Have it. I'm also. praying. for everyone ells.

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    I loved all the presidents. even obohmas. 💜🌻💞🌺🌸💙💚🌼

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    Where. Your masks 😷please. People's. This is very serious. Stuff. You don't whant. To get sick. and socale. Distance's. Is much as you. Can. You don't. Wanna be. Sick.

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    Because he’s the president of the United States

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    Because he’s the president of the United States

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    Where your masks when you go get gas's. 😷

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    Where your masks when your in school😷💞

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    Where your. Masks. When you. Are in a big store shopping. 😷🌻🌻

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    Where. Your. Masks. When vistig old. People's. 😷💞🌻💞🌼💚

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    The questions from the reporters were silly. In all that back and forth we learnt that the president hadn't declined significantly and will only truly know his condition after about day 10 and that nobody else would receive such care because they aren't the president.

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    China did which Japan couldn't do during WW2. During WW2, Japanese sent biological balloon bombs over the US West coast but wasn't able to get the US President sick. Looks like Chinese improved on Japanese biological bomb.

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    Where. Your masks when your at you're beach 😷🌻💞🌼💚

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    The Trumps doctor's. Is very handsome. He was. Ready to leave. No more qustshion. S. Guy s. Leave the doctor. alone

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    He can not go into specifics it's called HIPPA precautions.

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