Find out everything you need to know about coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

0:30 – What is coronavirus?
1:13 – Where did the virus come from?
1:50 – How long does it stay on surfaces?
2:08 – What happens inside your body?
2:50 – Incubation period
3:10 – The spread of the virus in China
4:30 – Symptoms
5:25 – What should you do if you develop symptoms?
8:07 – Who is at risk?
9:02 – How can we stop the spread?
11:58 – Should you wear a mask?
12:36 – Treatments and Vaccines

📚 GOOD RESOURCES to keep you updated:
1) World Health Organization:
2) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

3) Johns Hopkins: Map Tracker

For those of you who are new to my channel, my name is Siobhan and I’m an internal medicine resident in Canada. In the coming weeks, I’ll be working in the emergency department, inpatient hospital units and outpatient clinics.

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Wash your hands, stay home
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