Find out everything you need to know about coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

0:30 – What is coronavirus?
1:13 – Where did the virus come from?
1:50 – How long does it stay on surfaces?
2:08 – What happens inside your body?
2:50 – Incubation period
3:10 – The spread of the virus in China
4:30 – Symptoms
5:25 – What should you do if you develop symptoms?
8:07 – Who is at risk?
9:02 – How can we stop the spread?
11:58 – Should you wear a mask?
12:36 – Treatments and Vaccines

📚 GOOD RESOURCES to keep you updated:
1) World Health Organization:
2) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

3) Johns Hopkins: Map Tracker

For those of you who are new to my channel, my name is Siobhan and I’m an internal medicine resident in Canada. In the coming weeks, I’ll be working in the emergency department, inpatient hospital units and outpatient clinics.

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Wash your hands, stay home
We will get through this together! 💜
~ Siobhan (Violin MD) ~


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Animations created by and for the Vaccine Makers Project. www.VaccineMakers.org Copyright © 2016, Medical History Pictures, Inc. All rights reserved.

Maps used with permission from

ARDS photo: By Altaf Gauhar Haji et al. doi:10.1186/1752-1947-2-336, CC BY 2.0,

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  1. Avatar

    Me: Can I get a covid-19 test, please.
    Hospital: Sorry, only hospital workers and dying patients get a covid-19 test now.
    Me: 😭
    Violin MD: (plays violin)🎶🎻

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    i missed you!!! thanks for this!

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    Few my coworkers have the sniffles. I have runny nose. Dry stuffy. My throat is scratchy. Itchy. Burning sensation in my chest? This the start of Covid 19? No fever yet.

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    Thank you so so much for this video! It’s so informative! Also thank you so much for putting timestamps in your description!! ❤️ stay safe love! We need to keep doctors like you 🖤

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    What happened why did you just stop making vlogs or videos

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    Stay safe! hopefully you guys wont get as slammed as Italy and europe

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    It is scary… lethal. You literally die gasping for breath akin to drowning on land.
    The virus itself is highly contagious and hardy. Best course of action is to keep everything clean n eat foods with antibacterial compounds in them. Tea and tumeric are two such compounds. Respect doctors and nurses…. you guys put yourselves on the frontline.

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    Any advise for medical field because i want to be in medical field because violin md helped me so much

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    You mentioned ace2 briefly there is stuff I’m reading that people on high blood pressure medication that can be more at risk. I know medication is not your main background but is there any truth in this? As I’m on an ace inhibitor I’m not stopping just curious.

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    i think i did have the crona virus becuse i had all of the symtoms but it only lasted 2 1/2 weeks

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    Amazing! Well explained in just a 15min video! Keep up the good work! Thank you for your service! ❤️ Stay Safe!!!

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    What about pregnant women? I keep hearing that our immune system is weaker or not at our most optimal state while expecting.

    Would it pose a greater risk or should we take it easy?

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    Very educational video. You had me engaged the whole time. You should teach one day, you have a natural ability at explaining things well. I appreciate the time you took to make this (animations and all). Stay healthy! 💜

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    Let’s say I get the virus and I recover from it does it strengthen my immune system from the virus and or does it give me some sort of immunity to the virus?

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    Thanks for this thoughtful and calm video! I am glad I found your channel

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    Back in October. my brother traveled out of the country. When he got home he had what we thought was the flu but it was severe. Soon my mom contracted it but she’s in her late 60’s so it hit her harder. She had shortness of breath, fever, dry cough, chest pain and went to the ER. They told her she had the flu and sent her home with inhaler. They had it for like 2 months. It was really bad. She thinks it was Corona and believes it actually was here in the US earlier then because we didn’t have testing for it. My other brother also got it and he gave it to his coworker who was out sick for 8 weeks. I guess we’ll never know if it was actually corona.

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    Thanks, for educating us Doc. It would be cool if you play violin dedicated to all front liners. Are you having a Filipino blood in you?

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    Your explanation is super helpful. Thank you so much for this and I am one of the vulnerable Malaysian citizens who already diagnosed chronic illnesses which is PSC liver with ulcerative colitis. I have been staying at home and flattening out the curve for months and been trying my best fortifying my immune system with the right foods and drink plentyof water. I know we can do it. Take care of yourself too Doctor.

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    Thank you so much for finding Time in this probably super stressful time❤️ you are amazing

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    my aunt is not Chinese but she lived and tough in wuhan china but she does not have the carnivorous.

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    If this was anything other than what it really is, coronavirus – or the COVID-19 label, then it would've been stated on the news as such, at least by reliable news sources – which is all I watch. It would've also been mentioned by a doctor, a heart surgeon, with a TV show – where he researches several things and shares his valid results.

    Those other things are not coronavirus. They are 'ingredients' found in cases of coronavirus.

    The symptoms exist before one even doesn't feel well.

    There's no NEW coronavirus. It was first identified in the 60s.
    This instance has been stated as being from bats. Not a chain of animals starting with bats.

    It wasn't a pandemic until recently, this month.

    Using the same bathroom… there's cleaning too. Cleaning wipes!

    I just recently heard of a 29 year old that got it – but is feeling better, or starting to.
    There has been no mention of anyone under 18 having it.

    Social distancing is at least three between.

    Although it makes sense that doctors/nurses use them, the masks barely help when not feeling well.

    As I stated above, I strictly follow reliable TV news sources. They have included information directly from CDC and WHO. The doctor I mentioned with a TV show, Dr. Oz.

    I am also subscribed to a YouTube channel in which the person works at a place where they make vaccines. He has stated that they're working on one meant for doctors/nurses, which would be good to keep doctors/nurses felling well (hopefully) so they can help those that don't.

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    thanks for being positive. Great video

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    I'm a Catholic. But personally, I think every religions' Gods and Goddesses are all real and they are all in one place waiting for us humans to be united. I think they talked about giving us a great challenge that can make us intact. Fr, almost every family doesn't have the time to spend with their loved ones because of work, schools, and other things. But as I concluded, this virus was made for us to develop closer relationship not only with out family but also with our friends and everyone in the society. Even other countries are having bond just to fight the virus. Every God and Goddess knows that people are fighting about their beleifs. And that's not what they want. Now look, every people unites no matter what their size, age, family, religion, or tradition is.

    Dear Gods and Goddesses of all religions, we the citizens of Earth, plea to you our safety and happiness. We are all sorry for all of the mistakes that we've done these past few days and all of the fight that we encountered. We also apologize for the negligence that we showed in the midst of crisis like this. Thank you for everything that you have given to us. All of the improvements of our work will not happen not because of you. We praise y'all. In the name of every respectable entity, we respect, we apologize, and we wish.

    To everyone, I wish that every humans should talk about not having fight about the beliefs of others. Just respect them and their religion and everything will come together and bring peace in this world.

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    Those working in public transportation need to wear masks, so if they were infected, they don't help spreading it while in incubation period.

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    Oh great, more anti-bat news. Siobahn, it hasn't been proven yet. This can lead to them being hunted and maimed. I'm already seeing anti bat ideas in your comments. Please be careful with what you spread. I've lost some faith in you. CNN has a great article that everyone should read called 'Bats are not to blame for coronavirus. Humans are'. Basically, humans ran bats from their habitats and stressed them out, making them sick, which got into Wuhan's food and thus spread.

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    hey we missed you videos and vlogs

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    Thank u for explaining it better then waitching publicans people panic about everything

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    I've watched you since the beginning and your videos give me a great insight into a field I thought about getting into.

    Even though I took the Law Enforcement route instead, you and your fellow Dr's are the real heroes.

    We'll hold the line, while you all save our lives.

    Be safe.

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    Thank you so much!!! You explain ideas super well and keep the audience engaged throughout. I love your videos and made me feel so much more knowledgeable about this virus. 🙂

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    Hydroxiclorquine/chloroquine and azithromycin is being studied as a potential treat showing positive results so far in a study.. but a huge problem lies ahead for those of us with systemic lupus and other forms as that is like the gold standard and now we are jeopardy of having major shortages

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    Thank you for your accurate content.

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    You fill me with hope! We look up to you, and by going out of your way to inform us and guide us, you're helping us even more than you may imagine.
    The world needs more people like you!

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    Please include Indonesia subtittle for your great video, we need this kind of media to make us understanding in a very easy way, absolutely we need this in our country very much.

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    I hope those buying extra items are buying for others like elderly neighbours etc but other shoppers might start abusing them accusing them of being selfish.

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    Animal exploitation causes all these pandemics. The world should go vegan so we can prevent further economic and human damage

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