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Do Americans feel sorry for Trump now that he has COVID-19?

Donald Trump grew up in Queens in New York, where scenes in local hospitals were described as apocalyptic at the height of the pandemic.

Sally Lockwood finds out whether the President’s diagnosis has drawn sympathy or anger from the people there.

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  1. Avatar

    Haha asking ny . Nice joke but why not ask the red states and see what they say ?

  2. Avatar

    "Chris Whitty is about to be appointed to the executive board of the WHO and he has received £31Million in funding from Bill Gates. The UK Vaccine Network have received in excess of £200Million in grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates has funded GlaxoSmithKline and Pirbright Institute. Gates is going to charge £225 per test so the UK alone is worth roughly £14Billion. The bottom line is Gates is pulling the strings of the UK and this lockdown. The UK is going to become the vaccine testing Guinea Pig of the world…"

  3. Avatar

    Hopefully at Walter Reed Hospital trumpski will finally get a LOBOTOMY…!!!

  4. Avatar

    Honestly I feel bad feel anybody who gets covid 19

  5. Avatar

    Are these people who say that tRUMP is in tip top shape looking at the same person that I'm looking at?

  6. Avatar

    I kinda feel sorry for the virus contracting Trump.

  7. Avatar

    NO….don't feel sorry for him…..It is Karma.

  8. Avatar

    All fake, Trump is not sick

  9. Avatar

    He got disinfectant so he good. Dumb orange poop.

  10. Avatar

    Give him hot lemon drink every hour and he will be ok

  11. Avatar

    Trump doin just fine. He got HCQ suckas.

  12. Avatar

    These idiotic Trump supporters are a bunch of ignorants !

  13. Avatar
    Robert Glynn jones


  14. Avatar

    Political theater to take more of your rights . Buckle up

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    So NOW the virus doesn't discriminate? Whence all that crap about black people most affected then Sky? Duplicitous media hacks.

  17. Avatar

    He brought it on himself with his arrogant disregard of PPE and precautions.

  18. Avatar
    Bekinder Everyone

    How can a Democratic Hoax, his taking Hydrochloriquin 3 times a day, mild flu like symptoms be hospitalised? In his own famous words, this is FAKE NEWS! And I sincerely hope that that Jared and Ivanka get the HOAX Flu next. I am an atheist but may, just may believe in a higher being! 😂🤣😂🤣🤣👍🏻

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    Elmhurst hospital is a 500 bed public hospital. It serves a district with over 1million people in Northwestern and Central Queens. It's very short-staffed and short-supplied even during peacetime.

    It's an old, dilapidated facility run directly by the city government. The hospital was already at 80% capacity before the pandemic. The surge in ICU patients from the pandemic easily overwhelmed the facility.

    The hospital caters to patients, regardless of their ability to pay or insurance status. Operating Deficits of the hospital are liabilities of NYC taxpayers. Many of the patients admitted are illegal immigrants, poor, or medically underserved.

  20. Avatar

    Would the english feel sorry for elizabeth windsor should she get it.
    Let's test that theory shall we

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