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DJ Vandan – Lean On x Nakhreya Mari (Live Mix) | Shivani Bhagwan Choreography | DanceOn Class

In this latest DanceOn Class, Shivani Bhagwan brings her @BhangraFunk choreography, style, and culture to Lean On x Nakhreya Mari (Live Mix) by DJ Vandan.
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What is this?
DanceOn Class combines hit music with the DanceOn Network’s incomparable talent to help you learn the latest dance trends and hear the music that makes the dance community move and groove! This week features choreography from Shivani Bhagwan to DJ Vandan’s remix of Miss Pooja’s “Nakhreya Mari” and “Lean On” by Major Lazer and DJ Snake feat. MØ.

Shivani Bhagwan and Chaya Kumar teach #BhangraFunk every Wednesday at 9 PM at West Coast Dance Theatre in North Hollywood. For more information visit WWW.BHANGRAFUNK.COM

Who is Shivani?
Born and raised in Detroit, MI Shivani started out training in traditional Indian classical and folk styles at 9 years old and competed in FOGANA competitions every summer. After graduating high school she went on to become the captain and choreographer of the Michigan State Raas team. Over 4 years, she competed in over 14 competitions, placed 1st 4 times, and went on to compete at Nationals twice. Her yearning to learn new styles led her to move to LA and train at a higher level with professional choreographers.

Who is Chaya?
Chaya Kumar was given her introduction to Bharatanatyam at the age of 10. She continued, thereafter, training in the discipline for 10 years, under the direction of Alpana Jacob. In college, Chaya was hired by a local entertainment and arts company in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Blue Flame Productions. For them, she led their collegiate, competitive team, placing statewide three times. In addition to, Chaya assumed the role of Director of Sales and Marketing for one year; booking, choreographing for and coaching their professional, performance troupe. She moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2015, and is currently working in the Worldwide Corporate Communications & Public Affairs division of Warner Bros.

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Who is DJ Vandan?
Vandan Patel, aka DJ Vandan, is from South Brunswick, New Jersey. He combines Bollywood music with hit songs to produce Bollyfusion tracks.




Who Did This?
Directed & Edited by: Rickie “Typo” Crouch
Music: Lean On x Nakhreya Mari (Live Mix) by DJ Vandan (@vpatel_c remix)
Original: Nakhreya Mari by Miss Pooja (@missPooja)
Choreography by: Shivani Bhagwan (@shivaniBhagwan)
Assisted By: Chaya Kumar @chayakumar
Music Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason Cienkus

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