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DJ Khaled ft. Drake – POPSTAR (Official Audio)

“POPSTAR” ft. Drake available at:
Official Visualizer:

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(C) 2020 OVO as licensed to We The Best/Epic Records

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  1. Avatar

    I think this version better 🤯🤯😭🔥🔥‼️‼️

  2. Avatar

    Basura. 🗑️ 🗑️ 🗑️

  3. Avatar

    Khaled's hair so sharp he looking like a lego😂

  4. Avatar

    Why did Drake grow hair and get fat?

  5. Avatar
    Halil İbrahim AKAR

    Anahtarlarınızın onların elinde olduğunu biliyoruz. 🔐

  6. Avatar
    Jaylen Donaldson

    Yessir ✊🏾

  7. Avatar

    Need Future on the track!!!

  8. Avatar

    DJ Khaled is just the new school NOW cds

  9. Avatar
    100,000 subs With no videos challenge

    Nobody: …

    Dj Khalid: wE dA bEsT mUsIc

  10. Avatar

    He really stole another artists flow again

  11. Avatar

    My guy The Real Tarzaan supplied the Owl for this…Respekt…..Check him out

  12. Avatar
    Incredible Audio

    🙏🏾🤘🏾❤️ love u all!!

  13. Avatar
    Ma’ali Khalil Al-Shawabkah

    I am here bc of Selena “my visaaaa” 😂💜💜

  14. Avatar

    Idc what people say about this man, he’s definitely one of the most talented people in the industry since mj 💯





    Trending wow thanks for all the likes glad all u guys agree, iv loved him since I was little

  15. Avatar

    is it just me or are the 808s messed up?

  16. Avatar

    Hey I'm a new music artist from Australia, check me out xo

  17. Avatar

    Drake is missing bitches

  18. Avatar

    edgar cut is not it

  19. Avatar

    Don't get confuse lol
    Drake in back😆

  20. Avatar

    Reaction https://youtu.be/fjfxgJ_kYvc

  21. Avatar

    DJ Khaled? THE_ DJ Khaled?? Of the infamous Khaled Clan?! Dreadlords of Azeroth. First decker to crack the Renraku Arcology ICE. Made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. Can rub his belly and pat his head AT THE SAME TIME.

  22. Avatar

    DJ Khaled – Popstar (Lyrics) ft. Drake

  23. Avatar
    Michael Lescott

    15 years on and DJ Khaled still getting credit for saying his name at the beginning of every song..

  24. Avatar

    Anyone hear the Baby Keem and a Kendrick influence in his flow when he says. “that Rihanna, Selena my visa/ it can take as many charges at need to my girl” 🤔

  25. Avatar

    I'm love and I'm listening in 2020 I love the words and beat

  26. Avatar

    'Shit don't usually get this big without a bieber face' ❤

  27. Avatar

    Kanye and Will be like please…….

  28. Avatar

    nah but at the beginning he sounded like chance the rapper and in greece he sounded like the weeknd💀💀😭😭

  29. Avatar

    DJ Khaled killed this beat. Best verse ever!

  30. Avatar
    Rafael Pulido elias

    This sounds like uh uh Carti and Chief keef

  31. Avatar

    The OVO shop should probably play this and Greece when a customer buys something form OVO

  32. Avatar

    Dj Khaled need to chill with the bigen

  33. Avatar
    Oussema Mzoughi

    i want an owl as a pet ..

  34. Avatar

    Tiny circles devin!

  35. Avatar

    a nother one ☝🏾


  36. Avatar

    Here before tiktok ruins this song

  37. Avatar
    Salvador Mancera

    Feel like we should pay more respect and appreciate this dou, been dropping hits every summer straight for 10 years!! Still remember there first hit ;I’m On One

  38. Avatar

    Khaled so desperately craves celebrity by proxy he will accept whatever crumbs Drake has to offer. POPSTAR feels soulless.

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