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Discharging Trump today 'doesn't make sense': respirologist

Respirologist Dr. Samir Gupta says U.S. President Donald Trump’s medical team is sending mixed messages about Trump’s condition, the drugs he’s taking and whether he could be released from hospital. 
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  1. Avatar

    Man, the haters really try to find any and all things to use to bash Trump.

  2. Avatar

    STOP THE RIDICULOUSNESS. His release makes sense to those of us who know that if Trump tested positive for COVID 19, it means that he has an 80% chance of having something else.

    FYI media: those of us who can actually read aren't buying into this BS anymore.

  3. Avatar

    Yes, when you experience a political COVID-19 illness, things are much different. It's not like reality at all. Trump was not put on a ventilator, but instead was on an invent-till-later.

  4. Avatar
    Genevieve STEWART

    Trump is lying once again just look at his joyride yesterday

  5. Avatar

    Heart Lake Cosmetic Dermatology – Dr Samir Gupta

  6. Avatar

    The hateful support of the left as always and the silent radical media in full support pretending to be concerned,just waiting to dig up more nanure ,watch your back

  7. Avatar

    Trump is one tough SOB. Definitely deserves to be president. All biden is good for is quid-quo-pro.

  8. Avatar

    "I speculate"… "It must have been"… "I don't know"… "If this/then, but IDK"… "It wasn't clear"…

    Why are we giving these people our money?

  9. Avatar

    Its almost like covid isn't that bad and CNN blew it outta proportion

  10. Avatar

    Guess what. The President of the most powerful nation in earth doesn’t care about CBC

  11. Avatar

    His "Doctors" are lying – obviously. Either way, Trump is finished – either by the virus now, or later, and definitely at the polls.

    There will have to be a full accountability for everyone who had contact with Trump after he KNOWINGLY was ill with the virus.

    On to more important things . . . our Biden/Harris win at the polls and rebuilding of America . . . voting BLUE across the board.

  12. Avatar

    just goes to show that this ol guy is just fine from this "deadly" virus…. Its just a flu and i dont care what any of you covidiots say

  13. Avatar

    Poor Boris Johnson, CBC didn't compassionately argue that he should have stepped aside when in the hospital with covid. I wish they weren't so discriminatory.

  14. Avatar

    He most likely took Hydroxychloroquin and got fine and went home. Simple.

  15. Avatar

    I want to know why Canadian tax dollars pay to fund this CNN tier crap

  16. Avatar

    Maybe the doctors that are actually treating him are perhaps more famaliar with the patient than a doctor that believes CBC is a real news source.

  17. Avatar

    Makes sense if you are not infected with Covid. Probably he was not really sick. I know people with Covid and none of them were able to do what he did. He went for a RIDE to see his supporters !!!!

  18. Avatar

    Having had a viral illness with all the covid sx except diarrhea/vomiting when there was no test in early March, I was glad to have oxygen concentrator at home when hit 91 and stayed there, weird dreams and super brain fog,excruciating fatigue with fever 4 days in shaking chills.I can say toddler trumpty definitely is unfit for office now.

  19. Avatar

    I don't give a damn about the prez.

  20. Avatar

    How about reporting on Canadian news CBC. You do know what CBC stands for don't you?

  21. Avatar

    it is the real proof that the virus cam be over taken when treated positively
    good on president Trump he will be immune to the virus from now on

  22. Avatar
    Coldirty Bastard


  23. Avatar

    Long l8ve the TRUMP

  24. Avatar

    Dr Gupta is handsome AF!

  25. Avatar

    who's this DR and how is he able to REMOTELY comment on Trump's LOCAL medical team

  26. Avatar

    Cbc allowing comments? Wow

  27. Avatar

    Fox news aint news

  28. Avatar
    Coldirty Bastard

    Masks bring down oxygen levels…

  29. Avatar

    Promoting speculation? Seriously? Not his doctor. Doesn't have access to medical records. He should probably know better. If Trump doesn't need to be hospitalized then he can leave.

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    Looks like trumps dr have done a good job.

  32. Avatar

    When talking he didn't seem to have difficulty. Could that b a good sign?

  33. Avatar

    of course they are going to overtreat. He IS the POTUS.

  34. Avatar

    I wish somebody tell to president to eat jujube

  35. Avatar

    The 74 year old walked off covid. Dems are hating this. This virus ks so deadly 99% of people survive it. Many dont even know they ever got it. And a 74year old walked it off in a week. Funny how noone has died of old age, the flu, kidney disease, heart disease since march… cant believe the government

  36. Avatar

    Doctors have differing views on diagnosis – I've experienced that. My family doctor once commented about a "wrong diagnosis" of me by a specialist. The doctor in charge with access to all the information first-hand should be the only person commenting. What a waste of time for this bystander to talk about the case.

  37. Avatar

    Who Cares…

  38. Avatar

    He probably has medical stuff at the Whitehouse, and he is more needed elsewhere

  39. Avatar

    Our tax dollars funding the ideologically-driven CBC is what doesn't make sense.

    I'd vote for any candidate who pledges to dismantle you entirely.

  40. Avatar

    Essentially Canada's position on everything. "We literally don't know". No direction except down here in Canada….

  41. Avatar

    Why does there seems to be LIES following Trump wherever he goes? Because he encourages it. He's been lying for 4 years to the American people. All to increase ratings, paint a better picture, or keep people calm. Lying does not make you a leader, it does not keep people calm, it does not make you more of a man. I don't believe anything Trump does or says anymore. Stop crying wolf like a little boy and people will stop treating you like one.

  42. Avatar

    sounds serious enough to have to go to the hospital

  43. Avatar

    The president and his republicans will still not take this seriously enough until two or three of his inner circle dies from Covid? Sad his ego is more important than American lives.

  44. Avatar

    To be fair, even our own health experts have said that the virus impacts people different and recover times vary. For some, it can last for a week, while other can be months of recovery. Some peopl get it really bad, while others get very mild symptoms..

  45. Avatar

    Fine coverage, and interesting, intelligent insight from Doctor Gupta. It's great to hear the truth and be informed rather than hoodwinked. Proud to be a Canadian.

  46. Avatar

    That’s because the CBC is China communists news

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