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Did big tech 'censor' the Steele Dossier?: Rep McCarthy

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca) holds a press conference.

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  1. Avatar

    WHY are you wearing that stupid mask? Please tell me you are not pushing the globalist narative

  2. Avatar

    Change the law so that agencies that promote, repeat, or forward slanderous statements are exposed to libel suits for passing along those untrue statements. If they say their NEWS companies and they forward or state false statements, they should be open to lawsuits for those actions. If the want protection they should have to make a statement on their screens that what they are saying is not true and solely for entertainment purposes.

  3. Avatar

    Voting for Biden is voting for the CCP and corruption. No Biden and Kamala Harris!!!

  4. Avatar

    I believe the Demonrats are helping President Trump get Reelected, because can they be that Stupid?

  5. Avatar

    Yes bring them to their knees. I wouldn’t be surprised if YouTube removes this video or the comments. LOL

  6. Avatar
    JourneyMan Smitty

    Oh this is absolutely interesting🤔

  7. Avatar
    Flips '66 Caprice

    Do something about it. Actions needed!

  8. Avatar

    Doesn't the laws state that it has to be in public interest to do something to politicians too. I can see why the media always helps the Democrats to hide information that would hurt the Democrats

  9. Avatar

    You are the one to take actions on this, not only denunciante… go ahead and act. To denounces corruption situations will not fix any corruption situation.

  10. Avatar

    The big tech does not represent the American people, it's time to break-up the big tech. Vote Trump 2020

  11. Avatar

    Remove Nancy 🚮

  12. Avatar

    God bless you Congressman 💌🏛🗽

  13. Avatar

    It's all Donald Trump's for all of it Orange bad even some of her Communist comrades That's not use the funniest part of gaber hard time about it and what she do she tried to say siding with Trump and siding the Republican side is she had freaking crazy I mean hello wake up Americans wake up

  14. Avatar

    This was great to fall asleep to

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    Republicans need to fight like they mean it.

  17. Avatar

    Twitter needs to be brought to heel.

  18. Avatar

    So get busy doing it. One of the reasons WE THE PEOPLE elected Trump is because we were tired of all the WORDS from our elected officials. We want ACTIONS!!!!!

  19. Avatar

    Trump….Worst ever

  20. Avatar

    I was blocked from Facebook and Twitter

  21. Avatar

    Lol Ivanaka was paid illegally as an advisor. Y’all not going to mention that

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    Definition of dummy: knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still making excuse for Trump's lies. Just be sure that we are not dummy.

  24. Avatar

    (F)ascists (A)nd (C)ommunists (E)xist (B)ehind (O)bscured (O)ccult (K)abal
    (T)otalitarianism (W)ithout (I)ndependent (T)houghts (T)o (E)ver (R)ead

  25. Avatar

    Any treasonous actions warrant the perpetrator to lose their head. Off with their heads!

  26. Avatar

    Americans people know for sure that The Democratic and fake news medias are controlled by the Communism China. WE MUST support Our President TRUMP to beats the Communism Democratic 💪WE MUST VOTE IN PERSON FOR OUR GREATEST PRESIDENT TRUMP 💙WE LOVE USA AND LOVE OUR FREEDOM💙USA AND THE WORLD NEED DONALD TRUMP ! !

  27. Avatar

    Kinda like China and Russia censoring what is allowed to be read or aired…..vote wisely

  28. Avatar
    jackdorkcy isapedo

    The so-called "Elite" own the COURTS and MSM, We must dismantle the system of false authority completely and start from Scratch!

  29. Avatar
    Win Big with Lena & Mike

    Don’t look now Twitter, your bias is showing.

  30. Avatar

    It's time to get rid of Nancy Pelosi

  31. Avatar
    Leftwing Hysteria

    Twitter and Facebook made a very big mistake. I hope their liability protection will be taken out.

  32. Avatar

    Break up the monopoly..

  33. Avatar

    i love the democrats, of all the diversity, they chose…
    B – Biggest
    I – Idiot
    D – Democrats
    E – Ever
    N – Nominated

  34. Avatar

    We The People Stand with President Trump 2020%

  35. Avatar

    Bye Bye Technocrats! They're bent on oppression and love of money

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