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Despite the polls, can Trump win a second term? | The Bottom Line

This week we talk to Rick Gates, who – as deputy to Paul Manafort, the head of President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential bid – had a front seat to the historic events of that campaign.

Gates and Manafort went on to be indicted in the Mueller investigation, and he has just published his memoir – Wicked Game: An Insider’s Story on How Trump Won, Mueller Failed, and America Lost.

With less than 20 days to the election, Gates tells host Steve Clemons that Trump still has the admiration of millions of Americans, who love his impulsiveness and distaste for protocol and bureaucracy.

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  1. Avatar

    this guy is a trump thug not a journo

  2. Avatar

    Well al jazeera "journalism" is worth the equivalent of donald j TODDLER "moral character"……..

  3. Avatar

    Goodbye Trump

  4. Avatar

    Trump is going to win again, mark my words.

  5. Avatar

    Trump is very bad for America for a long term!!! You guys will be regret it for voting for him!! Please open ypur mind. I did vote for Biden. Hello from UK.

  6. Avatar

    A born liar will not win the 2nd term ! Believe me, Trump will be a loser on November 3, 2020.

  7. Avatar

    Biden is the most corrupt , Trump will win.

  8. Avatar

    You never know no one know there is so much stupid people in the US could actually vote for Donald Trump and soon as he get power once more he will speak to them like if they are garbage insulting words he don't care about anyone he's only there to full his pocket to pay his debts easy way to pocket money being the most powerful man this man is just corn man can people just see through him body language is action why trusted him

  9. Avatar

    Trump proved that prior to Trump there was one party….half had a d in front of their name and half had an r in front of their name. They were all globalists! All getting filthy rich on 200 thousand dollar a year incomes. You cant ever amass 20 million, 40 million or 100 million on 200 grand a year. Cuff them all! The only person that can make that happen is Trump

  10. Avatar

    D.Trump will be the winner of President election 2020. 💪💪on and keep ip the spirit 👌👌👌🖐

  11. Avatar

    Why would sleepy Joe like him rule our country…absolutely Trump will win

  12. Avatar

    Before this interview, I'd never seen anyone looking as if he was going to sag out of the suit he was wearing. Mr. Gates opened a new perspective here…

  13. Avatar

    Trump 2020. He will stomp senile Joe

  14. Avatar

    Covid19 Fake news when it suits.
    New Zealand has no Covid19.
    120,000 at most will die in America now over its 200,000
    When will the lies stop.

  15. Avatar

    Trump win 2020

  16. Avatar

    As an outsider looking in, I think Donald is the best man for the job. Joe's been in politics for about 50 years. When people talk about a broken system, Joe is one of those people who helped to create that system. Not only did he create the system, but he maintained it throughout his career as a senator and as the vice-president. Electing him is just going to regress the US into the same old politics that they voted against in 2016. What are the chances that Joe Biden makes it through a full term if elected? He's 78 years old, and his demise would bring about President Kamala Harris, a woman who fought against DNA testing that would have exonerated a man from death row. That is a shameful act. Persons as morally bankrupt to that extent should not be allowed to govern a country

  17. Avatar

    Trump had this in the bag as soon as Nancy Pelosi decided to back Joe Biden the half brain dead OAP! The dems should of Backed Tulsi as the First Female President or gone for Bernie who would of definitely implemented the policy the dems wanted.

  18. Avatar

    Dumptrump can't win as he is joker who creates jokes about Americans and makes laugh whole world 😂😜.so who can vote this bull 🐂..

  19. Avatar

    Polls are fake

  20. Avatar

    trump.if. u.elected fo.2nd.terms.the world.wil.hv .big.problems because many head of.state cant get along. wit.u.n.better.retired. peacefully.n.cure ur sickness

  21. Avatar

    Anyone who believes the polls is retarded 😂

  22. Avatar

    President Trump will win by a landslide…

  23. Avatar

    Nope, he is gonna lose.
    No more trumpets in the white house for good.

  24. Avatar

    Only idiots vote for Sleepy Joe

  25. Avatar

    Biden is sooo corrupt. His son Hunter too.

  26. Avatar

    Trump will win by a landslide!

  27. Avatar

    LoL… US meddled in every foreign election it could…so what if Russia did it too? Spy vs. Spy is a daily thing…

  28. Avatar

    I want to learn how to win elections like Trump.

  29. Avatar

    The best thing the president could have, at this point, is an understanding of science and pandemics.

  30. Avatar

    Stupid question
    Definitely YES

  31. Avatar

    The polls are nonsensical

  32. Avatar

    i have a question for usa people ..
    if a 45th president win again on for second term is he gonna be the 46th president too?

  33. Avatar

    President Trump WILL WIN in a LANDSLIDE!!!!! Biden is the WORST Presidential candidate in US history!!!!!

  34. Avatar
    All is Well that ends Well

    Polls are like a wish list
    dreams come true after election day

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